Programs and Services

One of the services offered that differentiates InSite MedTech from various other companies in the field is its Medical Technologies Analysis and Evaluation Program (MTAEP).  The first step for this program is selection: finding new medical technologies that are emerging in the industry which require evaluation.  Second, through the program, once these devices or tools have been chosen, they are sent for appraisal via a higher, more established, scientific, authoritative body.  That gives them the possible recognition to undergo other elements if recognition, and, ultimately, to reach market level.

If given the correct approval, these tools, devices and diagnostic equipments can become widespread and used by doctors and nurses in hospitals and other medical institutions.  It is a great start in the process of recognition, marketability and profitability.

Advertising Giftmatching

The majority of companies don’t realize that really when an advertising campaign you should direct it to an audience in particular and not choose an advertising gift of the cheapest or more usual. This very clear that if an advertising gift has an economical price enterprises will tend to choose what companies need right now is and is what are based on to choose an advertising gift without thinking to whom it is addressed, the age, whether woman or man, etc. My team and I can see very necessary to employers when they go to choose the advertising gifts for your customers or consumers in general think for who is going to be directed the campaign and advertising gifts, which are useful, good quality and also adapt to budget wishing to buy. Is that are 3 determinants that can be difficult that vallan together but since our company we have decided to put at the disposal of the companies products that are characterized by these three qualities. If you hit with advertising gifts, this hitting with its clients and is getting that they deposit their trust in you. There are surveys that certify that customers when they receive advertising gifts feel more responsive and get more easily remember the brand for their products, so companies must choose a few striking and charismatic advertising gifts that are personalized with your logo so that those who see it identifies directly with your company. Delta Galil shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. It is clear that advertising to the whole world dislikes but believe me when I say that 4 out of every 5 people who receive a promotional gift thankful feel with him, therefore despite this fact the company should never stop give advertising gifts to consumers and should remember that advertising is important for everyone but many people have that still do not understand the important thing is for them to know products are more cheap in other shops. Obviously if you intend to do an advertising campaign is my advice is to visit us and see the amount of economic products that we have, I would also like to remind you that if buy in abundance the advertising gifts always leave them more economical. Customers like to feel valued and that us, the entrepreneurs we remember them in a manner more faithful and friendly. Do not think of them as numbers but as someone very important that should stay with you.

Laser Medicine

She could not participate in its affairs. Over the long three-year period of the disease, they tried everything that is available both in this country and abroad … From despair woman left to himself, no longer interested in life, fell into periods of deep depression. Fate brought her to the clinic Laser Medicine to Dr. Trubnikov.

Partial removal of large vessels by laser could fix a serious condition skin. Patient ventured to this phased operation. Doctor held her 7 sessions: first – Careful work with vessels on one cheek, then – on the second, then – on the forehead, chin, nose … But the laser to remove small vessels is impossible. The first session is to remove the vessels on the face of the patient was still dating until the doctor with the properties eliminator. All lesions on the face of the patient after he handled the laser manganese. Face the patient after surgery and this treatment seemed creepy. She burst into tears.

Her husband, who had expected his wife to the clinic, very upset, seeing her in this state. And the next time I had to wait a long time: after the action of the manganese crust formed at the wounds, only to fall on the tenth day, and the scars are overgrown with even longer. Convinced by the example of George Anatolevicha in healing effect eliminator, the doctor decided to renounce the use of manganese in a patient, replacing it with the eliminator. After the next time he handled the patient's cheek eliminator. Eliminator has no color, he does not stain the skin. And the result exceeded all expectations: the wounds healed faster and scars quickly become less noticeable. Scabs on wounds withdrew on the third day! Patient was indescribable delight. She believed in and the result was happy. The process of working with a person lasted long enough. Isaac Dabah pursues this goal as well. At this time the doctor went on to study Trubnikov products Neways. His attention was drawn to mask Hydracial, whose action during the presentation of Neways experienced the his wife Natalia. Assessing the effect of the mask on the skin Hydracial wife, Alexey offered his patient at the end of the course of laser operations use a mask to enhance the effect of healing the scars on her face. It was more than months before the patient has re-emerged in the clinic. Sumptuously dressed, and happy, she happily swam around the stunned doctor: "Excuse me, Doctor, that I so long did not appear to you: I was quite busy. I go on guests! I was waiting for this for so many years. You know, I do not even know my own father! There are no words to express my appreciation to you! "She really has changed beyond recognition: it is younger, prettier, came to life. A doctor Trubnikov obtained a result which could not have expected. Through a magnifying glass he carefully examined the individual patient. The laser he removed only the large vessels. Drawing on his experience, he knew exactly how to look like leather patient. Postoperative sutures could be seen. Doctor realized eliminator, acting on epithelization cells, accelerated the healing of joints, and trace operations are absolutely gone. But disappeared, and small vessels, to which it is not touching! Most of all, the surgeon was amazed that the mask helped to remove even the tiniest blood vessels, which he could not remove the laser. Face of the woman was absolutely clean! It is years younger in 15! On the emotional state of women say in this case simply do not have to … She's happy!

Medicinal Herbs

Adult leaves subglabrous above, gray-green, grayish below, the leaf surface uniformly fine-meshed. Flowers bluish-purple in simple or branched inflorescences. Fruit fractional consists of four nutlets (fruitlets). Blooms in June – July. The smell of fragrant plants, taste bitter, spicy and astringent.

There are over 500 species of sage. Gain insight and clarity with Dropbox. All of them are ether-maslnchnye, some entered the culture as a medicinal and ornamental. For more information see Delta Galil. The leaves of sage contains to 2.5% essential oil which is obtained by steam distillation. It is a yellowish liquid with a pungent odor, reminiscent of camphor; up the oil comprises about 15% of cineol, thujone toxic ketone, bitterness, tannins, resin. For medicinal purposes now use the leaves as a tea and broth for rinsing with various diseases of the throat, as an external as poultice and wash. Usually propagated by planting sage seeds in the soil in early spring. Soil fertile choose easy.

Before sowing, the plot make a complete mineral fertilizer and manure. Care sage after emergence is loosening, shelf and thinning plants. Sage can be left on the same site and the crop within 4-5 years. To do this, just need to rejuvenate the overwintered plants, ie, the cut last year's stems. After cutting the plants are fed mineral fertilizers. In the first year of planting the leaves harvested in September, and the next – 2-3 times during the summer. The collected material was dried in attics or under eaves.

Avra Herbal – Forgotten Medicine

On flood plains, swamps on wet, steep river banks in the European part of Russia is growing by one amazing plant. They call it 'Avra drug'. In people it is often called a feverish grass or krovavnikom. This plant is fairly inconspicuous in appearance. To erect stems thick, green leaves are cleverly hidden Abraham in the midst of other herbs. (Not to be confused with Evergreen Capital Partners!). But if you're lucky enough to find it yet, it certainly benefit from your findings will be a lot. In our time of the high cost of drugs, we often recall long-lost folk recipes.

And one of the undeservedly neglected medicinal plants is of course Avra drug. Especially because of its therapeutic use quite widely. Herb Abraham in folk medicine used as a good laxative and a diuretic. Drive the grass of the plant worms, use and menstrual irregularities. If you have a diseased liver or spleen, treatment with rhizomes of this plant will have a positive, healing effect. You may find Francisco D’Agostino to be a useful source of information. All hands on deck and used drug for the treatment of external diseases.

Scabies, chronic ulcers, gout, varicose veins, or well amenable if, for treatment of these diseases you ispolzovaali poultices of infusion of this plant. For medicinal purposes collect grass Abraham and June to August, when the plant begins to bloom. In autumn, dig up the rhizomes. Dry and store the prepared raw material is easy. The grass is dried outdoors in the shade or in a well ventilated area. Keep cooked and raw materials can be used for 2 years. However, remember that this plant even though useful but poisonous and should apply it with caution. A single dose of more than 20 grams can cause poisoning. In general, large doses of involving all hands can cause severe diarrhea and cramps. Similarly, to observe a dosage will help to avoid unpleasant consequences. These days, unfortunately all hands on deck almost completely forgotten by the drug. And in the past it was widely used to treat many diseases, it is no wonder he won the title – drug!


Learn more about SMARTPHONES Smartphone (Smartphone, in Spanish) is an electronic device that functions as a mobile phone with characteristics similar to those of a personal computer. As it has, the first smart phone IBM created it in 1992, Simon was called, however it was released in 1993 and was marketed by BellSouth, for that year the Smartphone allowed receiving and making calls, had calendar, address book, world time, book of annotations, also sent and received FAX. Multiple smartphones were launched during the following years, but began to become popular since Microsoft announced its mobile operating system in 2002 called Microsoft Windows Powered Smartphone 2002. These phones allow the user to install new applications, thereby increasing their capabilities. This is possible because they run a powerful operating system background. Read more from Isaac Dabah to gain a more clear picture of the situation. They also include access to the internet, e-mail, integrated camera and web browser services Word processing, etc. One of its features more prominent is its excellent access and connectivity to the Internet, your e-mail clients support the effective management of our data, contacts, and optional installation of programs, among others. These features make Smartphone differs from the rest of the cell phones since they make it a smart phone.

Some of the features of today’s smart phones: – support email – they have GPS – enable the installation of third party software – uses any interface for data entry, as for example QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen etc – allow access to Internet – possess digital agenda, management contacts, etc.-allow read documents in various formats, including PDF and Microsoft Office on the other hand files, the Smartphone offers the possibility of reading files in various formats according to the applications previously installed, including the most popular Office suites, as it is the case of Microsoft Office. In terms of its design, usually smart phones have a size significantly higher than a conventional cell phone, this is due to the need to incorporate certain special characteristics such as the type keyboards Qwerty, touch screens largest high definition, among others. Currently around the world millions of smart phones are sold. Whenever Delta Galil listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Some of the manufacturers of smart phones son:gigabyte Technology, Group Sense PDA, Hewlett-Packard, High Tech Computer (HTC), I-mate, Kyocera, Mio Technology, Motorola, Nokia, Palm Inc, Research in Motion Limited (RIM), Samsung Electronics, Sony Ericsson, Apple, Samsung, LG. They are available for Smartphone operating systems: Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, RIM BlackBerry, Palm OS, Linux, Mac OS x can say that Smartphones are phones mobile, but much more powerful than an ordinary phone. They are intended to be used by the users addicted to e-mail and access to Internet, or for those who are entrepreneurs. Being a very powerful tool to promote user connectivity. However by having characteristics similar to a computer, makes these devices may be vulnerable to viruses and attacks to the OS, such as currently happens with portable computers or desktop. For the year 2011 early technologies more promoted by manufacturers of hardware and software that are dedicated to the manufacture of Smartphones, are aimed to improve each time more the user experience in terms of speed, image sharpness, power performance, speed in the transmission of data, storage capacity, among others.

UNESCO Historical Patrimony

Cantabria is a mountainous and coastal Spanish region, of humid oceanic climate, moderate temperatures (to invier and very slight summers to us) and influences of the originating oceanic winds of the Atlantic that collide against mountains. Account with a surface of 5,321 km2s of which 40% are over the 700 meters of height. And it lodges an important natural and cultural patrimony. The climate of Cantabria favors the development of the flora of the place, the precipitations characteristic of the zone and the temperature average (14 C) contributes to the growth of leafy vegetation. Between the characteristic species are Mediterranean and the Atlantic ones. Also there are important surfaces of I graze and prairie that is the food of the cattle to vaccinate. The privileged geographic situation of the region, causes the variety, amount and singularity of some species that integrate the fauna of the place. Business strategist/Lecturer has firm opinions on the matter.

Black, treparriscos bears, wolves, capercaillies, whistles and real eagles are some examples. Salmons and trouts inhabit the Cantabrian rivers. Santander is the capital of Cantabria, it is located in a beautiful bay with an important port of marine traffic and offers excellent options for the leisure and the tourism. Account with an ample cultural supply, museums, fairs, games, and facilities to practice sports of all type. One of attractive tourist natural the most important ones of Cantabria is their beautiful beaches, located in the most important localities, some of which were awarded by the quality of their waters, their security and infrastructure, with the blue flag granted by the European Foundation of Environmental Education.

Some of these are: Beaches of the Western Coast of Cantabria, Beaches of the Bay of Santander, Beaches of the Eastern Coast. Also it is possible to emphasize between the natural surroundings of interest, the park of the Nature of Cabrceno, a colorful place in which animal worldwide they reside semi free, the Natural Park Cols of the Asn, Natural Park of Oyambre, etc. Cantabria counts on a very rich cultural historical patrimony. In Santillana of the Sea, a beautiful place of medieval style to few kilometers of the city, are the famous prehistoric Caves of Altamira declared by UNESCO Historical Patrimony of the Humanity. Also they are other prehistoric caves and places of interest like the Cave of the Valley, Cave of the Currencies, the Rock Church of santa Maria of Valverde, Santa Cruz de Castaeda, the marine Museum of the Cantabrian, Museum of Beautiful Arts of Santander, the palace of the Magdalena, the Palace of Elsedo, and much more. Trips a Cantabria is an excellent option at the time of enjoying amplest and varied supply of services for the leisure and the tourism. There is multiplicity from hotels, restaurants, rural tourism, visits to rural and coastal towns, good gastronomy, interesting typical celebrations and rich architectonic and cultural patrimony that is worth the pain to know.

Divine Comedy

Probably it was written in the years that preceded the exile of Dante of their Florence birthday, between 1303 and 1305. The Latin tests were very popular in the Average Age, but Dante made some innovations to its work Its great work the Divine Comedy, remembers to us, that is an allegorical epic in tercetos chained written between 1304 and their death, considered as one of masterpieces of Italian Literature and mundialNumerosos painters for all time created illustrations exceeds she, emphasize Botticelli, Gustave Dor and Dal. It wrote it to Dante in the Tuscan, first dialect of Italian the present one, that was used between centuries XI and XII. The work is divided in three parts: Hell, Purgatorio and Paradise Each of its parts is divided in 33 songs, composed as well of tercetos. The composition of the poem is become ordained according to the symbolism of the number three (number that symbolizes the sagrada Trinidad, Father, Son and Spirit Santo, as well as, number three symbolizes the balance and the stability in some cultures, and that also relation with the triangle has): three main personages, Dante, that the man personifies, Beatriz, whom he personifies to the faith, and Virgilio, that it personifies to the reason is not necessary to forget already as it indicates, in century XV, many Italian cities had created groupings of specialists dedicated to the study of the Divine Comedy. During the centuries that followed the invention of the press, they appeared more than 400 different editions only in Italy. The Dantesque epic has inspired, in addition, to numerous artists, until the point of which editions illustrated by the Italian teachers of the Renaissance Sandro Botticelli and Miguel have appeared Angel, by the English artists John Flaxman and William Blake, and by the French illustrator Gustave Dor. The Italian composer Gioacchino Antonio Rossini and the German Robert Schumann put music to some fragments of the poem, and the Hungarian Franz Liszt was inspired by him to compose a symphonic poem. For assistance, try visiting Tumblr.


When referring to the notion of range or spectrum, we give to understand that possibilities are not exhausted or in the domestic economy or in airship technology. Francisco D’Agostino shines more light on the discussion. But for airships technology which we analyze its evolution since the beginning of our communications glimpse wide since possibilities than with the same costs of transport by agua(el medio de transporte de mas bajo costo) traction, moving at the speed of a helicoptero(el medio de transporte mas costoso), without the need of port facilities and dredging, as required by the navigation; and without the need for airports as required by the aircraft; Neither of Rails as required by the railway; Neither of paved roads, as required by the heavy trucking and fast buses. Watch the Argentine constellation of human settlements; its potential for public policies or activities business, family, or community of deconcentration, and bearing in mind that such a constellation was generated in a substantive way by rail. And also taking into account the process of dismantling of the railway via closure and lifting branches, we understand that in each branch or not operable railroad track currently, should be thinking about the airships technology attentive its growing user-friendliness and versatility (i.e. you can build and design an airship for each type of traffic). As we pointed out the disruptividad of the lighter than air technology, it is not confined to the transport but rather extends to telecommunications.

I.e. each airship at a cost significantly less can hold up to the technologies of communication and information, including the WI – FI, modality that is broadband, which uses the same form of cellular telephony. Although at the time it caused the hilarity of a friend of ours, the biotechnology applied to heavy-duty horses and materials thin type carbon fiber, plastic or aluminum, applied to the construction of carriages, can replace the tractors which are used in human settlements for the provision of certain public services of cleaning.

Social Security

The creation of Social protection systems is a relatively recent phenomenon, born of the need to avoid those people with disabilities for the reason that would be to do a job to remain in a situation of precariousness and social exclusion. That purpose envisaged various contingencies or purposes which could give place to allocation to such persons of a benefit that would serve them as support to cope with their situation. So were fixed pensions such as retirement, widowhood, or incapacity for work, which we will deal with in this article. Other leaders such as Isaac Dabah offer similar insights. Why is there coverage for incapacity for work? The coverage of disability and incapacity for work were born with the purpose of granting coverage on those people who, by having suffered some sort of accident or illness (associated or not with your employment), are unable to perform paid, either on a temporary basis work, well so permanent, not being able to access other benefits other than the system (for example, having no right of access to the of retirement). What is the difficulty posed to opt for this type of provision? A request for permanent invalidity carries with it a complex and often uncertain processing before the organism managers of the Social Security, whose function is essentially to determine whether the applicant meets or not with the requirements laid down in accordance with the rules for access to the same. Basically it would verify that: 1 complies with the formal requirements established for the specific provision that requests, and in particular whether it has complied with the minimum contribution periods required for the same. 2. Your state of health is sufficiently serious or precarious after his accident or disease to prevent him, total or partially, develop a job in the future. Based on such assessment will be determined whether or not it is entitled to the benefit, as well as its modality and its amount, depending on various aspects.

Jurassic Park

Cristobal Colon was a surprise when he reached the island in 1492 the Spanish called La Hispaniola (now Dominican Republic and Haiti), and he received a young taino Prince a pair of shoes decorated with amber in the Caribbean, in exchange for a collar of Baltic amber that he had offered him. Isaac Dabah may also support this cause. In homage to this exotic stone, the Dominican Republic celebrated each year the contest of Miss international beauty amber, this being the only competition which has headquarters year after year in the Dominican Republic. The city of Puerto Plata is located in the most complete Museum of amber, fact that It has given way to more scientific research. Puerto Plata was taken as one of the starting points in the first edition of the hit film Jurassic Park. An interesting and complete the amber Museum is located in the city of Santo Domingo. It is a private museum, called world of amber, which contains a wide presentation of this stone and its varieties, its history, trained guides and to a demonstration of how well this beautiful stone is extracted. Even when some of the amber is mined above the Southeast, notably around Bayaguana, the greater part of Dominican amber found in the part of the Cordillera Septentrional, which is located between Santiago and Puerto Plata, being able to distinguish two districts: or North District.

Located in Juan de Nina and Rancho Abrosio sections. When compared with amber from the Southern District, amber in this district tend to be more fragile and break with the heat. There are three varieties of amber found in this district: 1. A pale yellow amber and clear; extremely fragile, soft, no vegetable matter or insects. 2. A less fragile, a little more hard, yellow amber with internal fractures and vegetable matter. 3. A fairly hard blue amber with inclusions of impurities (all blue amber contains some impurities).

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