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Valley Pear

Therefore, the implantation of a program of Ambient Education directed the professionals of civil engineering, will contribute decisively for the sustainable development, and still, for the improvement of the quality of life of the proper professionals and all the society. CONCLUSION Is clear the importance of civil engineering in the economic development and social of the country, however, if it cannot leave to observe and even though to feel, the negative ambient impacts, caused for is area. In such a way the adoption of a new model of management for the works of art becomes necessary, constructed for civil engineering, which had its significant presence in urban areas and its consequences in the quality of life of the population in general. This new methodology must be characterized by integrated actions and of preventive character, aiming at always to the reduction of the construction residues, the facilitation of its collection, the reutilizao, the recycling, as well as the adjusted final destination. Ahead of this question, if it makes necessary the implantation of a system of ambient education already in the first semesters of the courses of ambient engineering, so that the learning can since its first contact with civil engineering, to know which its relation with the environment and as duty to be is interaction.

The introduction of you discipline that they approach problematic the ambient one, and introduce concepts as sustainable development, recycling, reaproveitamento, among others, during the process of formation of the civil engineer are of utmost importance, therefore it is in this period where more easily it will be obtained to develop an ambient conscience in the professional future. An implanted time the ambient responsibility in the formation of the civil engineers, each time more we will have a balance between the development and the environment, of form to guarantee a quality of pleasant life to the current generation, as well as, to preserve the right of the future generations, to be able, also to make use fruit of all the natural beauties and wealth that our planet still in the presenteia.

Economy Market

The theory says that a 25% return a year we had done in the financial market. These strategists have very compelling reasons to believe in his theory. Just wrong much. There is no way to predict the market financial without any degree of certainty. Of course we can take a chance and guess that it is what is going to happen, but are likely to lose it all much more great. Read more here: Drew Houston. But the truth not I recommend this tactic to its earnings and life savings policy. If we cannot predict the future on the market, then we can not see the market of stocks and bonds as a set of decisions.

The two generate good opportunities and costs for our portfolio, but generally revolutionize both markets. Actions provide great opportunities to generate good returns, but the cost is our exposure to the tough losses. Business strategist may find this interesting as well. Bonds instead provide income and stability, but the cost is a return rate relatively low. If one had followed this balanced discipline in 1999 bonds had saved our portfolio of major recessions of two years ago generating a steady income during the last 10 years. Surely today we do not think investing in bonds because they surely win shares. They cannot superalos usually in long delays.

We buy them because we want that part of our money is protected. That is the main reason why we buy bonds. This year we expect turbulence in the two markets. If the economy improves the actions they recover value, foulbrood would be terrific for those who invest in them. While bonds will continue with low ratios, the important thing is having a protected part of our money. In the event that the economy happen by a small turbulence Let’s rest assured of having a portion of our money in bonds.

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