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Vienna’s Cabs

The carriage in Vienna, belonged to Vienna as Sissi, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Sacher Torte and the Ferris wheel. Sure, most people know tourists, visitors to Vienna, something to report on the Ferris wheel or one of the many other famous things of Vienna, but in terms of carriage, which will fall heavier. On the Portal for Vacation Rentals in Vienna, you get much more information and tips about Vienna in your guide are not sure, sometimes alone the huge range of holiday apartments in Vienna waived.

The first cab, so-called “wage carriages” was original. The idea for wages to be transported, as it is common today with the taxi, was taken over by the Parisians. Competitors of the once hard steerable, two-horse, carriages were uncomfortable as chair and chairman. Only with the improvement of the car drove the coachman the “sedan chair” service and the invitation of the chair-makers ‘carrying’ ma, your honor? was reviewed by the coachmen in “Drive ‘ma, your honor” modified.

After hard times, especially after the second World War II saved the romantic American occupation of the first passengers, the Viennese cab before the final end. From the transport of people turned into a tourist attraction, Fiacre may no longer drive in pedestrian zones and their pitches have been drastically reduced. The main sites are at Stephansplatz, at St. Peter’s at the Albertina and the Heroes Square. The prices are final 25 minutes 40, 65 40 minutes, etc. That sounds quite expensive, but quite a number of affordable fun you are in the group not to be missed.

Child Photography

How to get interesting pictures of children? Photographing them, you can follow all of the known principle of "Seize the moment", but much more fun to create an exciting game of interaction, then to their 'catch'. Children are most clearly express emotions in a game at the moment the competition, fellowship, in the process of developing knowledge. In these classes children are involved with pleasure. Photoshoot will be fun, but the results are more vivid, if you follow these Rules: Become a member of the game and take photos of the process from the inside. You'll see the world through the eyes of a child, and your audience photographs, as you will be able to do it. So as not to provoke children's posturing, learn photograph without thinking of any situation. Focus on communicating with members of the photo session.

Children are unlikely to show real emotions camera, no matter how professional he was, but man show. If you will be able to gain their trust. How do kids like? Easy! Himself become small. Should be a little in the literal and figurative sense. First, sit on their haunches, or administered to crawl on the floor, if our Centerfolds kids.

You can start to think like kids, just know the world around, surprised to new discoveries. In a word, runs into his childhood, remembering the goals of your business. Having established rapport with a group of children, It is better to dissolve. Toddlers will soon cease to pose for you and begin to behave naturally. We can ensure that children are stopped paying attention to the camera. Make it simple. Become brighter than the camera. Suggest small parties photoshoot interesting games that will encourage them to focus on the process. Win-win technique: make the camera part of the game.

Fools Five

During meditation, the consciousness (not the mind, the mind must be silent or it is not meditation), of course, is talking to and longer than in the normal state, with the unconscious, but easily comes out of this contact. No problem. Problem and a big, can occur if you change your perception and use of psychotropic drugs. That’s suicide, and physical, and personal as you can really stay in your unconscious. Those who do not use in chemistry, more contact with their superconscious (interesting there).

Do not ‘stuck’ or in the unconscious, or superconscious .** Always in freely out of the meditation, as in this If it was a natural, non-violent only longer state of consciousness. Man goes out of meditation, once again, a little different, a little bit healthier, with new experiences, new outlooks on life – it is so fine and perfectly safe for the psyche. But it is dangerous to the ego. It is reborn, it slowly dies. He was scared. It forces the mind to look for reasons not meditate, do not change. Length of stay in this meditating sufficiently small.

And with training in more than one life in order to enlarge it to at least 10-15 minutes. And just this continuous state of meditation for 40 minutes (so, at least, say those who took this experience) transforms so that a person becomes enlightened. But is it and is it bad? An example of our contemporary Osho. He showed by example that the enlightenment and life in society are quite compatible. Bridges, bearing in mind by the word various techniques and preparations have to ‘fail’, or meditation will not happen, binding to the techniques do not allow to be free. Buddha (from the words of Osho) liked to tell a story. Fools Five walk through the village. Seeing them, People were surprised, because fools were carrying on their heads the boat. But the boat was huge, and they literally bent under its weight. People asked, ‘What are you doing? ” Fools said: ‘We can not abandon this boat. We sailed on it from the Bank on it. How can you throw it? Only thanks to her we got here. Without it we would die on the shore. Approaching night, and on the other side are found wild beasts in the morning, we certainly would have perished. We never leave the boat. We before her in an eternal debt. We will carry it on their heads out of a sense of gratitude. ” Equipment – boats, equipment – the bridges, but by making their job, they should be forgotten. Meditate, do not be afraid and end any meditation technique, any meditation just as you wake up after a good night’s sleep without having to open your eyes, stretch, well, tell ‘Myauuu’ (or free long exhalation), slowly open your eyes, smile. Not interfere with the words: Hello world, you and me one whole, will change together, it’s fun! * I agree with the subconscious and superconscious of the unconscious.

Structure Of Consciousness

The soul of man through the structure of the soul and consciousness of the Spirit of projects that build the physical body, and all of reality in interaction with the spirit and consciousness of the physical body of the One God. Soul of the principal, the fundamental basis of the World. You may find Drew Houston to be a useful source of information. Spirit, showing the action of the Soul, and consciousness as a result of the actions are part of the soul, but stand out as a structure in accordance with the trinity, the underlying world. Soul, Spirit and Consciousness is the spiritual foundation together, and with the body form of human personality. The structure of consciousness, projected from the Soul consists of personal consciousness, which includes cellular consciousness, and the field of collective consciousness. The structures of the Spirit and the Collective Consciousness consider in subsequent articles, and a surfactant, for a general idea, because the information can be placed in a voluminous book. Centre for Rights, the structure of the Soul Sphere is located at chest level, near solar plexus.

Scope of the Spirit to the left, near the heart. Areas below the sphere of consciousness of the Soul, and the scope of the Collective Consciousness against the navel. Practice of the Soul are the elements most important of which are described in the section 'Structure of the Soul. "Each element of the Soul in the structure of consciousness creates a substructure that matches the main manifestations of the World: Space, Time, Eternity, Infinity, Love, Life, Information, Energy. . alifornia.

Customer Hotel

Even a temporary settlement for 2-3 days in another hotel with equal conditions already provides for compensation. Travel company, hotel, airlines are well aware, and funds for such compensation they have laid down (their 'target' overbooking covers all these expenses) but on their own they will not give you compensation. A sudden rush by overbooking for them at no cost? Remember the main rule – the victim of overbooking tourists can recover from the travel company (on the court or by mutual consent), only those costs that he can prove by documents. Aim for drafting such documents (acts) of all their efforts. All claims must be made only with your travel company (Airline, in severe cases also redirect you to it), while abroad, with the hotel without the intervention of travel company, you can not get a serious compensation. Representatives of the hotel or airline must refuse to sign the act, and therefore attract a witness 4.3 neighbors compatriots on rest (possibly also affected, and preferably live close to you), is stated in all their passport details. The second rule – if rest, we must seek in any suitable form of compensation or providing exactly the same conditions. Any refund by a court – it's bound to be lost and your (travel company lawyer at trial will always find a "hook").

Before submitting documents to the court, if not managed with the travel agencies at rest or after all to resolve amicably, give her a last warning – please send a claim to your travel company in writing by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. You can attach to the complaint copies of proof of your dossier (acts, bills, certificates, photos), collected during the holidays. . If there is no response within a week – even send a complaint, statement in the same way to the local Consumer Protection, warned in advance travel company that you do so in the case of silence on their part. Potrebnadzor has the right to monitor how travel company operates licensing rules. Your complaint may be another fact for the revocation of the license (if the tour operators, of course, not everything is under control). If these measures do not help – then the court. And last – assertive Customer (writing instruments and collect the witnesses, or do not want noisy temporarily settle in the worst conditions), travel company and hotels are afraid of (it is important not to beat on something, perhaps temporarily, to agree), nevertheless, the concept of Competition and reputation in the capitalist world, no one has been canceled. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jim Crane offers on the topic.. Or, for example, a call to a senior manager to leave the hotel and promise to many tourist sites and forums are a lot of negative feedback book (instead of previously only good reviews, the hotel with poor reviews, you just would not go) can have a positive effect.

Many hotels are asking customers of good reviews on the internet and often their very organized. Demonstrating perseverance and ingenuity, you must force the host side to provide an acceptable option for you or the settlement of the flight. Before buying trips to tourist sites and forums you can find reviews of every hotel and travel agency, especially since there are many negative comments about those who engage in high overbooking. Yuri Chashin 18/03/2010


Today the topic of early child development is becoming increasingly popular. Publication of the book on this subject, articles, television and radio, the mass of publications on the Internet. Write and speak on this subject specialists – teachers and children psychologists (mostly women) and mothers – enthusiastic – it is clear, too, are women, which contributes to the creation of sustainable public opinion about women's role as a leader in the development and upbringing of the child. The role of men in this case pales into insignificance. This happens first in the popular consciousness.

Then the men begin to believe this social confusion and continue to disengage from the process of raising children. Justify inactivity (and sometimes even encourage it) helps other powerful social attitude about the role of man as breadwinner and the family breadwinner. These stereotypes are growing rapidly in society in recent times. Looking at history, we see the primary role of the father in child rearing. And among the great educators of women is almost not there.

Today, many fathers are working in the field of education It is a pity few of them even shares his experience with friends (not prestigious like something about tell it). And, moreover, insufficient use of the mass media for the exchange of creative discoveries with other parents. But this experience is often very interesting and useful not only other fathers, but women with children. Jim Crane oftentimes addresses this issue. Men in matters of child rearing is inherent fundamentally different from the female approach.

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