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Aloe Vera History

THE ALOE VERA in the history though not been noticed, most likely that aloe was already used in prehistoric times. If we consider that during the Paleolithic man based their survival on products that took nature it is plausible to think, observing the amazing ability of self-healing and healing that has this plant, he felt the urge to use it to cure and heal his own wounds. Find the first reliable testimonies about the knowledge of aloe by mankind in Egypt. They date back to approximately 3000 a. c., are pictorial representations that adorn some tombs and funerary monuments. There are drawings which depicts the aloe plant attributed to a court painter who lived during the dynasty of the first Chinese emperor, Fu-Hsi, towards the 2700 a. of C. The oldest epigraphical news which is preserved on the medicinal use of aloe vera appears in tables of baked clay that originate from Sumer, they were written to 2100 a.

C. and in them are described using Cuneiform signs the laxative roperties of the plant. While the aloe is cited in previous texts, as the codices of the Emperor Shon-Nung (towards 1800 a. C.), or some Babylonian tablets at the same time, the Papyrus Ebers or the book Egyptian de los Remedios (1550 a. c.) is considered as the first medical compendium in which appear formulas for making elixirs with aloe juice. Towards 700 a. c., Indian Ayurveda, also dedicated to natural medicine, attributed to the aloe healing properties in ailments related to the liver and the digestive and respiratory systems; apparatus and applied externally to heal wounds, Burns, herpes, cuts we know that, in addition, from the 6th century a.

C. was used in the India to condition hair and improve the appearance of skin. Hindus believed that the aloe vera plant grew in the gardens of Eden and named it “the silent curator”.

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