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It has a deep respect for the history and culture of the people. You know poverty. Closely he lived it. Aware of the important thing is the spiritual strength to the human being. For me, the big problem for BARACK OBAMA is the same.

Its formation is a Democrat, very close to the Socialist conception of modern times. Liberal in economic but formal in exercising the duties of the State. Doesn’t want to be a stone guest but will face a tough race: give up part of their values or assume conflict situations that forced him to declare a crisis. The United States lives the worst moments and the precisely arrives to confront them. There is too much expectation. I think that more than he would have liked.

The economy experienced a severe blow. As strong as the 1940s. Apply old formulas has not succeeded. The situation in Iraq is unsustainable for the Government. A similar to the Viet Nam generation is born. You must define its role against the permanent conflict in the Government of Israel with the world and is not very easy to do because the Jewish people, has great ties with the development of the United States as a nation. His memory will come the situation of Cuban missile and other actions undertaken by the American Government: Granada, Panama, etc. Doubt would be harshly punished particularly in your case by referring to their ethnic origin. You must rescue American leadership and ensure the security of the nation. Another September 11 it would be fatal. However he knows that to succeed you must reduce the prominence of his Government in external conflicts. Monroe doctrine how to leave without effect and not run the risk that you accused traitor to the fatherland? He played to be authentic but fear runs through his body. Knows that you can not fail even once, because a public opinion moved by economic interests linked to the system as would destroy it the precisely intends to fight. The recipe of CHAVEZ could be indicated but in this great nation that theory doesn’t work. To add more problems and difficulties to the young President, it is the leadership of PUTIN who struggles to stand out. Same with ZAPATERO and the woman who governs Germany. Toca now stop thinking as a candidate and assume the conduct of the ship. Gone are the promises, the discourses, theories. I arrive time to assume the role, for which test many times. I arrive the here and time. The criticism of the facts. Its mandate will be observed by latinos from around the country and neighbouring countries who see in it, about the possibility of solving the situation of illegality to resident or citizen and those who already are, think like one American either in its problem of access to the benefits of the system, which increasingly are less. It should make more impoverished in recent years, honoring the class without forgetting the goose that lays the golden eggs. People of African descent in the world should this man a recognition: nothing is impossible when you’re capable and steady. After that he takes and live in that from the semantic point of view is racist White House, from which governs a black, will be convinced that slavery indeed died. Dr. Luther KING dream was fulfilled. The challenge for him is to govern without being ruled. Since taking office will initiate a new trial and because it does not think, that the angels of Heaven are also colored.

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