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Devoured Trainer

Was watching cut of press that fell accidentally in my hands, in that appeared moving image, where the enormous head of an extraordinary white shark could be seen abriendo its gigantic mouth and teaching an interminable row of pointed and sharpened teeth of triangular form with which it tried to catch, rather would say to destroy, to a poor woman, defenseless and surprised seal of only nine months, that terrified and at the same time surprised by the great monster that emerged from the bottom of the marine depths, it at all costs tried to get rid of an almost safe death. What appeared before its eyes was an imposing one, ruthless and assassin marine beast that appeared before her with the unique and exclusive intention dietetic to devour it. The impressive image was recorded in my retina and saving the distances and the protagonists, I gave loose rein him to the imagination and established a comparison relating the sight to soccer, and more in particular, with the trainers and the results, the bad ones, that in the form of killer shark in the case that occupies to us, devours without mercy in the majority of the occasions the defenseless seal that in this small story we compared with the figure of the trainer, to whom it especially directs an equipment that loses of repeated form or that does not gain everything what it is expected according to the forecasts of which they send, that by the way, they are those that less knows of the sport that occupies to us. TSI International Group is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The enormous, powerful and frightful shark represents in this case the soccer power, that abre its interminable jaw to end the poor woman and defenseless victim (the turn technician), being worth of that pointed hand saw in the form of teeth (directive, it presses and liking), who are going to crush the chosen prey, that generally, finishes devoured and it does not have as much luck as the image of the photo that inspires this history and that was taken in the coasts of False Bay in South Africa and more concretely in Cape Town (Septiembre.2010). When the beast abre the mouth, the feast begins and not very often the great white shark remains without its flavorful mouthful, that is to say, that if we transfer to soccer, when the equipment does not win, the trainer becomes (for other beasts perhaps) in a delicious treat, in a delicate one manjar, an attractiveness they delicatessen that there is to devour at all costs. However, the shark will almost not have time to sleep the siesta, nor so at least can be allowed the luxury of a light cabezadita, since the following appetizer is on way in the form of trainer, of another equipment to which it has forgotten to him to win. How a small seal can do against an enormous shark that can get to measure seven meters and grief more than three tons? Original author and source of the article

Wax Linen Wedding

Linen or – the second of its name – a wax wedding is celebrated on the fourth anniversary of living together. Yes, it's not for the anniversary date and is not round, and many urban dwellers in the bustle and hurry, just forget about this day, and it goes humdrum and boring Let us not join those who wish to spend a few hours to organize a warm and friendly festival in such a wonderful day, as the wedding anniversary, and taking the time to celebrate the 4 th date. and themselves' heroes of the occasion, and, even more so, the guests, for sure, will be caring about the gift. What made me a present? What will be happy? What is useful, but that would gather dust for years in a loft? We begin with the tradition. That is a fact that it was decided to give linen wedding when our grandparents were not even aware of Linen wedding – the first anniversary, when attention is drawn to the home of the couple and their prosperity. It was believed that the fourth year of marriage a couple should have to acquire not only mature and flexible (soft as wax) relationships, but also warm and welcoming home! Traditionally, linen wedding guests were given to couples linen towels, tablecloths and dried bunches of flax. Incidentally, the latter can now be replaced by the present flourishing flax in an elegant ceramic pot – a wonderful reminder of the happy moments spent together. .

For Those Latinos Not Works The Law Of Attraction

It seems to work for others, but for me there! Why? There are many people wondered this, which is that this concept is not new, actually has many names, many people have seen that work to others, it fascinates them and they want to imitate them, they want to know more and they want success, money, happiness also for them, but something happens along the way, and they abandon, shortly after, they cry out that doesn’t work. Do but why for some Yes works and others not? that’s the real question, to tell the truth, just to mention a culture in particular and maybe happen the same thing in other Nations, is that the average Latino, it has educated you believe wrong concepts, as they can become rich overnight overnight without making any effort. That the poor are those who have rich and divine favor not, among other concepts, like that everything is resolved magically or with recipes esoteric or magical rites, and nothing else far from the reality! even believe that the law of attraction has to do with issues magical and why it doesn’t work for them! Returning to the point that I try to here, for those who does not work the law of attraction you have that see with their beliefs, and their actions, for those who watched the video of the secret is likely that several times then realized that is not only imagine things or think positively, but that should have involved actionswhich I do not like, because it involves work and his philosophy is simple pattern does like to pay and I like that I work. do you want to give a part of the book: La law the abundance needed free labor? Do you need a batch? Do you need capital? Do you need a better job? Need collaboration from others?.

Holiday Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the cities that most interest awakens all who step on Spain. This is because this metropolis offers a wide range of possibilities so that you won’t have a one minute rest. So if you’re planning your holiday in this city, here you will find some tips that will be of great help. First you must find a good accommodation. If you don’t have a lot of money the city offers a good amount of barcelona hostels. Although if you are of those who have greater purchasing power, this city has a rich variety of barcelona hostels. Secondly, an excellent idea is to visit some architectural landmarks of the city. To meet this purpose, you should not pass by at least some work of the famous Gaudi such as the Prederea, the Casa Battlo, Guell Park or the Sagrada Familia.

The third position is dedicated to lovers of shopping. For them nothing better than an afternoon by Las Ramblas. A large craft fair can be found here. On the other hand, arriving at the end of Las Ramblas a shopping mall full of shops is located. But this is not all that this walk has to offer since he is also located La Boqueria, a typical market noucentista where you can buy the freshest products. The fourth position is intended for fans of the sport. This city is the home of the most important equipment of these times, the Barcelona.

If you want to is a very good recommendation give a tour of the Camp Nou, the stadium of FC Barcelona. The excursion could be even more interesting if you manage to get tickets for any game where you play the Catalan team. On the other hand, may be a good idea to walk through the facilities that were used during the Olympic Games which were held in the city during the Decade of the 90s. The fifth space is occupied by the nocturnal activity. It is that Barcelona is one of the cities most fun and vibrant throughout the European continent. If you are of those who like good food, an interesting suggestion is to enjoy “tapas” rich in Some bar. On the other hand, you can have a drink or might want to stretch the fun until dawn. For this nothing better that go to some disco where you can dance to the rhythm of the songs of fashion.

Association Tour

Recruitment company in the customer portfolio which occupied a good deal of orders from international companies operating in the Russian market, have noted reduction in the number of vacancies by 10-20%. Guide St. Petersburg office of Business FM radio station in term plans to reduce the number of employees in the north-west of representation by 50%. Plans to station managers influenced the overall situation in the market. 'As a result, we are always looking where to cut costs and in times of crisis we must all the more to minimize the cost. " True, in the Moscow office, according to some reports, the plans for St. Petersburg's colleagues do not know. Tour Operators Tour Operators of Russia also sounding the alarm.

On Press conference on the financial crisis, representatives of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) said that the hardest this cataclysm will manifest itself in the tourist business in January or February of next year, when just expect the largest number of bankruptcies among travel agencies. According to experts of tourist business, the first signs of a recession in the travel market appeared at the beginning of III-rd quarter. For the first time in 17 years history of the Russian tourist industry this year on the market there is no major tour operator, which on the basis of the summer season would be able to declare on their successes. In May, according to representatives of the association, yet there was an increase of sales, and in June there has been a decline.

Spiritual Growth

In the measurement that one is identified with the roll, mission of why we happened through these planes and we led ourselves to take the opportunity to grow spiritually, results will be very positive and when it is called on to start off to us, we know that ours transit was very beneficial present Ten what somebody indicated that As human beings we are compound of several dimensions: physics, mental, social and spiritual. Our spiritual dimension is the axis of our existence and if we do not give him the attention that is deserved we can feel us outside balance. In this article, we have selected some suggestions, advice who other that has waked up bequeath to us and contribute in maintaining our light ignited, of such form, that the shades surround to us. Dale to people more than waits for and hazlo with pleasure. You do not believe in everything what listening, nor you spend everything what you have or you sleep everything what you want. A leading source for info: David Green. Against the discords, it fights clean, you do not offend? It abre your arms to the change, but you do not come off yourself your values. You do not judge to the others by his relatives.

Ten presents/displays the three " R" s": same respect; respect to the others; responsibility by all actions. You do not allow that a small dispute damages a great friendship. When DES tells you that you have committed an error, it takes immediate measures to correct it? It remembers that silence is, sometimes, the best answer. It judges your success in the measurement than you had to resign to obtain it. Sri Ramana Maharshi contributes to us: For a mind that has gained skill in the concentration, the investigation of Itself happens comparativily easy. By the incessant investigation the thoughts are destroyed and It is realised the total Reality in which I am at least no the thought, experience to which it is alluded to as Silence.

Joan Brossa Old

Of pentagonal plant, its perimeter reaches 5.6 km, being the greatest monument of Catalonia and one of the fortified complexes more notables of the world by the set of its outer fortifications. Parochial church of San Pedro, gothic style with unique ship and chapels between the abutments. The head and the bell tower are neogothic additions. For acercarte to the culture and monuments of this beautiful city a good option is to rent an apartment in the Costa Brava. The Museum of the Toy of Catalonia was inaugurated in 1982 in the dependencies of the old Paris Hotel (old family house of Baron de Terradas), in the Boulevard of Figueras. Recent works of rehabilitation and adjustment have allowed to triple the initial space of the Museum, reopened the 12 of December of 1998. The Museum exhibits more than 4,000 pieces: zootropos, cardboard mecanos, teatritos, animal and horses, kitchens, balls, you spin, airplanes, cars, trains, wrists, puppets, apparatuses of magic, games for invidente, disguises, recortables, handle-bars, soldiers, robots, steam engines, ositos, tricycles, patinetes Many of these pieces are accompanied by old photographies of children with its toys, which helps us to locate them chronological and to see as it gambled then.

Some toys had belonged to personages like Ana Maria and Salvador Dali, Federico Garci’a Lorca, Joan Watched, Josep Palau and Fabre, Joan Brossa, Quim Monz, Frederic Amat the Museum has a Center of Documentation and Investigation on the games and the toys, of the Brossa-Frgoli audience and a space to activities outdoors: the roof of the Museum. The visit of the collection can have several readings: nostalgic through toys of our grandparents and grandmothers and the one of observation, with which the history of how is crossed in the same way the scientific and technical advances of every moment have affected the design of the games and the toys, has done that it and they continue it making the artistic events and movements historical. The rooms of the Museum of the Ampurdn present/display an ample chronological fan of the art and the archaeology of our region, from the prehistory to our days, with a special dedication to the Catalan and ampurdanesa painting of centuries XIX and XX. The route begins with a sample of the archaeological findings of the Ampurdn Stop, from the neolithic one to the Romanisation, that includes a collection of personal ornaments, ceramic Greek of black and red and receiving figures of glass. It continues with the medieval and modern time, where they emphasize the capitals of the monastery of San Pedro de Rhodes as well as the work deposits of the Museum of the Prado (Mengs, Mignard, Herrera ). Through works of Pinazo, Sorolla, Nonell, Mart Alsina, Berga and Boix, Houses, Gargallo, Gimeno, Mir, Masriera, Sunyer, Mars, Dunyach and Casanovas, among others, the trajectory of the Catalan art from mid century XIX can be followed until the modernismo and the first vanguards, with works of Mud walls, Pon and Cuixart.

, Comalat, Bonaterra, Llavanera, Eusebi de Puig, Nez, Salvador Dali, ngels finally Holy Torroella, ngel Planells, Joan Massanet, Evarist Valls, Joan Sibecas, Joan Padern, Pujolboira, Llus Roura and Josep Ministral, I enter many others, show the evolution of the ampurdanesa painting through realistic landscape, the surrealismo, the conceptual abstraction and the new figuration to us. The museum also sets out throughout the year several temporary exhibitions. The celebrations of Figueras, calls ” Them Festes of Santa Creu” (Celebrations of Santa Cruz, are celebrated at the beginning of May.

Walter Benjamin

As consequence had a social status (that he was not estatus) to count or to bring for the place what it was of it are. These nomads with the time if had also fixed, and exactly fixed, they did not have more knowledge, but, they had its proper histories of life to count. Its knowledge, its experiences. This behavior of the primitive man in the sample the interest of the man of if fixing through the times not of a material, but, ideological and cultural form. For Walter Benjamin ' ' the experience that passes of person the person is the source the one that had appealed to all narradores' '.

After much time the reality of the narrator it takes projection literary and all the context that is atrelado it had been extended, had been systemize, the figure, as much of that counts (narrative) as of the listener (narratrio) is not more accepted of a passive form of what it was before. The narrative, that during as much time blossomed in a way of craftsman? in the field, in the sea and the city -, it is proper, in a certain direction, an artisan form of communication. It is not interested in transmitting ' ' pure in si' ' of the told thing as an information or a report. It dives the thing in the life of the narrator for after that removing it of it. Thus the mark of the narrator is printed in the narrative, as the hand of the potter in the clay of the vase. (Walter Benjamin. Magic and technique, art and politics: The narrator, consideraes on the workmanship of Nikolai Leskov.

7 ed. SP: brasiliense, 1994. p 204). With the globalization the exclusiveness is taken off of the narrator to know the world what it makes consequentemente with that the listener (narratrio) assumes a questionadora position, operating in the heard speech. Ahead of this, to be heard the narrator it adopts diverse forms to tell. Such dynamism reflects in the understanding of the message of a fictitious workmanship. But, as before, a thing remains unalterable: all speech, all text of one forms generality, either literary it or scientific it has a utilitarian function. This utility can consist either of a moral teaching, either of one practical suggestion, either in an saying or a norm of life? in any way, the narrator is a man whom he knows to give advice. (Walter Benjamin. Magic and technique, art and politics: The narrator, consideraes on the workmanship of Nikolai Leskov. 7 ed. SP: brasiliense, 1994. p 200). Therefore then, made this historical retrospect of the narratividade and with this ratified utilitarian intention she is necessary to emphasize that, by means of these two inherent elements to the narrative is possible to make a deeper analysis of a literary text, or as it was said, of any speech. A time that, both, ' ' narratrio narrator/can assume diverse positions and functions and that such variations reflect in the understanding of the message.

Anti-Tobacco Law

Today totally it is demonstrated that certain substances, as the nicotine or the tar and the carbon monoxide are dangerous for the health. The cancerigenic and irritating compounds of tar are responsible for the respiratory pathology of the smokers, whereas the nicotine and the carbon monoxide are responsible for the increase of the cardiovascular risk. Against the consumption of other drugs the drogodependencia of the smoked tobacco presents/displays in addition a serious disadvantage, since, not only mine the health of the users, but also, of the people of the surroundings, who involuntarily inhale the smoke of the tobacco. Most of the smoke that inhales the smokers liabilities comes from the call second class current that is originated when the cigarette, pure or pipe is consumed by itself without mediating aspiration of the smoker. The analysis of the second class current has shown current that the concentration of certain cancerigenic substances is far beyond the found one in the main current or of smoke that is generated when the smoker aspires and who he circulates through cigarette until arriving at the mouth.

On the other hand, it has been possible to need that a passive smoker that one is exposed to the smoke of the tobacco during one hour, can get to yes inhale the amount equivalent to the consumption of two or three cigarettes, depending that, of the amount of environmental smoke and the ventilation of the premises. All this means that in certain cases the passive smoker can be exposed to the action of amounts superiors of injurious components of the tobacco to which the own active smoker is exhibited. One calculates that in Spain there would be about five million nonsmokers who passively inhale an amount of minimum smoke equivalent as to the consumption of three to six cigarettes. Concentrating in the relation passive tobacco addiction and cancer, some recent works have shown that the children of parents smokers present/display a risk of suffering cancer a 50 percent greater than the children of parents nonsmokers. Unquestionably, the passive smoker who undergoes the whip of the tobacco more is without a doubt the boy who is forming in the maternal cloister. He does a few of years have begun to blow ” new aires” without tobacco smoke, and, against all odds, the application of the Law Antitabaco has started up. The smokers liabilities hope that with the announced hardening of this Law ” arrives; air prometido” , after more than five centuries of submission to the tobacco smoke, and, that is respected the right to breathe air noncontaminated with tobacco smoke in places public and the labor scope. Although, as the poet said: ” The end/is not known until final”.

Commentaries Tutorial

Commentaries Tutorial: It has seemed to me that you have delivered a super attack in looking for audio-visual objects very interesting and susceptible to write analysis critics, I congratulate to you because I have learned much also reading your works. Centered Habeis east work in reflecting on the individualism and how the mass media (it presses, cinematographic industry, publicity) to a great extent contribute to foment the western and modern idea of individualism. I believe that generally you have caught very well the value of the individualism in our society and how symbolic apparatus exists that feeds this ideology. This symbolic apparatus does reinforces the notion of autonomy and self-determination, and those that you have analyzed commercial announcements (perfumes, clothes, lottery, etc) you make incapi in that special. I believe that what more I have hechado in lack in your works has been a critic to the individuality idea and of how the people we can react or resistar that symbolic apparatus that promotes modern the consumer and individualistic society. That it is difficult to only do everything in three pages. When reading your works one it remains with the idea that all we are individualized beings but we comprised of that undifferentiated flock of ewes, partly because the announcements or the commercial industry sees us like that. As a reflection for the future, gustaria me that you also thought how she is that the people we resisted and we looked for alternatives a this ideology of consumption that makes us think that with effort and discipline we are going to prevail.

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