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Consider the following when purchasing a refrigerator should note that when purchasing a refrigerator the fridge is certainly one of the most important household devices. In it, you can store pretty much everything, what you want to have fresh. You intend to buy a new refrigerator, then you read through the stuff, consider only to find an ideal and efficient device. Save current refrigerator running 24 / 7, and therefore it is one of the largest energy consumers in the Haulhalt. Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention when a refrigerator buying on energy consumption. If you decide for a reasonable purchase price, then be sure that you will pay with the time still likely on it.

Because, with the purchase of a refrigerator should be mainly power consumption under the hollow of the purchase price of many devices is during the useful life often by energy costs exceeded. Devices with low power consumption are rated “A” features, and this Scale goes up to the “G” designation for a high consumption. Since the more recent time, there are also devices with energy label “A +” and “A++”. It is to speak of a huge difference in power saving thing for an A++ device consumption only half the energy as opposed to A cooling unit. Another tip: Watch also on their “cow light switch cabinet” If a subject permanently activated the light switch, it is possible that the lamp is burning several hours or even days long unnecessary.

This caused increased costs due to the heat that can cause the light in the refrigerator. What is the ideal size? The size plays a huge role in matter of energy consumption, thus following Richtwete for the commercial content are recommended: households need 100 to 140 litres up to 2 persons and 50 liter should be added for each additional person in the household. What kind of a freezer your refrigerator should have depends on how much you freeze. So you also have the option between a fridge without freezer and a refrigerator with integrated freezer compartment, as well as a refrigerator with a separate freezer (so a fridge – freezer). For a distinctive stock-holding 100 to 130 litres freezer compartment are recommended. Also distinction is between different freezers using the star awarded for the cooling capacity (*): 1 star meant a short-term storing of frozen food, up to a week (at temperature-6 C). Two stars we can store at a month-long, at-12 C, three stars at-18 C for up to 3 months. Finally is also longer than a year frozen at-18 C and colder at 4 stars. What class should I choose? The climate class refers to us, where the cooling device should be operated there are namely in the House more or less, also unheated rooms. Thus, there are also different classes of climate: the ferritin (SN) class supports an ambient temperature of + 10 to + 32 C, the normal (N), however, from + 16 to + 38 C. An ambient temperature of up to + 43 C tolerated the ST or T class (subtropics and tropics). Accordingly, we also know where his fridge can be. The refrigerator should be set up so, that the back is free, and distance to the wall keeps that adapted is a heat exchanger at the back of the cow cabinet which emits heat is produced during the cooling process. Maybe you’re still argue that all refrigerators are equal, but not if you look at this one: Alexa Picard

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