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You want to make sure they understand the purpose of your site. Click David Green to learn more. Too many elements on one page can make this even more confusing for all of your pages. simple. 4. Make sure each page has a link to the homepage “It’s much easier for visitors to navigate your site if all pages have a link to the home page. Make your site easy to navigate. 5. Frequently Fabrizio Freda has said that publicly. Get your own domain name – The free services are used at first, but ultimately counterproductive if we want to build credibility .. 6.

Get a quality hosting service “in this case is the same as the domain name, free services are good, but fill us advertising. () 7. Offering the largest number of options to manage their products, must have multiple payment options, either by deposit, bank transfer or send by western union or money gram. 8. Sure to accept credit cards – If you do not accept credit cards, you are making a big mistake. In the largest number of internet transactions are credit, if you do not have a payment processor will be losing many customers. The most popular are and 2CheckOut. 9.

Offer free information on their website – some type of free stuff to visitors, as a course by email or an ebook, this is the best way to position as an expert on the subject. But beware, only quality material and that you think will be helpful for their clients. 10. Get email from its visitors – This can be achieved in different ways. Giving courses or e books is a great way. You can publish a newsletter or ezine to your visitors can register. 11. Build your site with one purpose in mind “That is what want to achieve, production sell directly or generate a relationship with the client to sell later. Trace your strategy. 12. To promote information – Make your visitors feel comfortable and comment on your site, and try to follow the suggestions that makes your audience .. 13. Remember that your site is built to its customers, “Keep in mind the objective line to build the site, and not lost on the road. His website is one of those things that determine if you are a commercial success. Make sure your website is easy to use. Also make sure you do not lose sight of the goal of your site.

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