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The key is to link them to real life and show their usefulness. A good level of reading is necessary so all students improve their learning in areas such as math and science, and for to develop critical and independent thinking in their daily lives. Similarly, a good mathematical training encourages reflection, analysis, rigour and argumentation in any area.A large number of teachers in the early grades of basic education are not only insufficiently trained in mathematics, but have a distorted image of them and consider that they are not for everyone, feeding the myth that they are for gifted, says Margarita Ospina, PhD in this science and coordinator of basic mathematics of the National University.Teachers, with empty according to Carlos Diez, of the Foundation for educational development and pedagogical EDP, is often seen in the refresher courses and at the didactic of mathematics graduate teachers have many gaps and errors their knowledge of the area. This is reflected in the evaluations.According to the results of Pisa 2009 (international programme for the assessment of students), seven out of every ten Colombian students aged 15 evaluated do not achieve minimum performance in Matematicas.como if that were not enough, 38.8 per cent unable to identify information or perform procedures that are based on explicit and clearly defined questions. (As opposed to Business strategist). On the other hand, 47 percent of students assessed in reading have difficulty understanding complex texts and implied information, as well as to compare and contrast ideas, and assume a critical position on them.There is a very common practice in the classroom: dictation. This by itself is not bad, but education cannot be based on and that is what is happening. Another practice are the flat and coplas, ritualized exercises that some teachers make without knowing why or for what, and that is reflected in the results, says Rosa Julia Guzman, Director of the Master’s degree in pedagogy from Sabana.ademas University, says, there are teachers who confused understanding of reading with immediate memory and think that learning to read and write is the responsibility of the Spanish master, when one reads and writes on all the subjects.In relation to other factors, although it is true that a poor academic outcome has relationship with poverty, with a familiar context devoid of stimuli and a low level of education of parents, in the performance also affect initial education, attendance, while children are exposed to learning, the climate of the school and pedagogical resourcesexplains the Director of the Colombian Institute for the evaluation of education (Icfes), Margarita Pena.We need teachers to explain to children what is expected of them and how you can achieve it, and in the evaluation processes to indicate them if they are achieving it, concludes.Methods of improving reading Rita Florez, Department of National human, and Rosa Guzman, La Sabana, communication proposed: at home, reading shared with children of different texts. .

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