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In the visual language, we find a way of communicating in and disclosing them our way particular to mean the world. Drew Houston oftentimes addresses this issue. The images of the works of art can function as a support for this exercise of releitura of the world and the proper one human being, facilitating the recognition of its identity. Ahead of this context, it is possible to develop a visual education that an interaction in informed way propitiates more, creative and critical with the images and messages that we receive in this world contemporary. In this way, the school if presents as ideal and possible space, for the conviviality and the dialogue between the imagtico quantity, brought of its daily experience, with recognized the artistic and cultural productions universally. The exercise of looking at, to see the different one, of desvelar meanings and criteria demands a continuous work of education of the look that articulates perception, imagination, knowledge, artistic production, and at the same time, valuation and respect for the multiplicity and diversity of way, points of view to see and to be in the world. It is perceived reality of distinct form because we are different.

Our emotions and knowledge interact in the forms to see and cause different looks on the reality. Ahead of the displayed one, she is necessary to understand the education as a long and inexhaustible way, through which it is possible to obtain a better world more just and. In this aspect, the knowledge of the aesthetic education is defended, of the history and philosophy of the art, as half to construct a new citizen, more critical, capable to fight for its ideals and to contribute with the transformation of the life of its fellow creatures. The education, in its responsibility to form the citizen, cannot be other people’s to the social problems, but if become in one allied fort to act positively on the individual and to pull out it of its mentally ill and accomodated condition of.

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