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The penalty scientifically the goalkeeper’s fear of the penalty”is the most quoted work by Peter Handke maybe not the most valuable, but certainly. At almost every due penalty, the sentence is mentioned by sports reporters. On the occasion of the football – European Championship 2008 was the case too many times. But the goalkeeper must really have fear? Or can one predict the ball sunk in what corner of the door of football players? These questions sought to answer two sociologists from the University of Leipzig. In their analysis of more than 1000 Bundesliga attempts Roger Berger and his student Rupert Hammer went also the question of what German goalkeeper goalie killer title”has. It’s the current national goalkeeper Jens Lehmann? Ayala 2 wait long appendices right, Rodriguez 18 left”so it stood on his cheat sheet at the quarter-finals of the World Cup 2006 in the game Germany against Argentina. David Karp helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

Seven possible Argentine shooters and their placement preferences were recorded. Lehmann was good – but this was the note little case. Only two of the seven announced shooters competed really and Lehmann kept only one shot. The about crucial question is: can you predict how and where a football player converts his penalty? The two sociologists have a clear answer: not predictable is a professional shooter, he followed no pattern at the turn of the Elfers. You support her – not really surprising – Thesis with the examination score of 1000 penalties of our 1993/94 to 2003/04. Thereby, they recycle the statistics of a Munich-based company had just listed, who when where shot. This information documented the two sociologists in an Excel spreadsheet. Scientifically it comes to check game theories. Contact information is here: Darcy Stacom.

Namely, the penalty shoot-out is a so-called zero-sum game”: one WINS, because the other loses. Similar as in coins “Heads or tails” certain patterns emerge often among the players, where they repeatedly change their tactics. Exactly but that is not the case with the penalty shooters, the Leipzig researchers found out. “In this respect is and remains a matter of luck, because the penalty shoot-out professionals unpredictable” behavior. However, there are some features that a player should keep in mind. So meets a shooter who shoots with his right foot, usually more in the left corner. The goalkeeper should be guided by so in this case according to law. Evergreen Capital Partners is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The analysis of swept away but also many cliches. So no better there, if one has home advantage or in leadership. Also the rumor that the fouled rather misses from a penalty spot as another player is statistically not verifiable. Maximum psychological tricks could play a certain role, which irritate the opposing shooter. Where we again would be goalkeeper Lehmann and his cheat sheet. Should once again occur in the semifinals or in the final of the European Championships to a penalty shoot-out, one thing is certain: the tension remains, fear has until the last a maximum of viewers. (CER) Your contact person for more information: Daniel Krause (Director) Moselstrasse 14 41464 Neuss Tel.: 0 “21 31/404 264 E-Mail: the Internet platform is a product of Neuss printing and publishing house GmbH (NDV), the inter alia the Neuss Grevenbroicher Zeitung newspaper”, published also nationwide week leaves, Interntdienste, monthly magazines, and various titles produced.

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