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All we know that google is the biggest company of content generation, we could not be for less, since the all moment millions of people is searching on a subject or taking off doubts on determined things. For many the Internet was one of the biggest inventions that already we had, everything for the fact of that they in supply to all the information to them that we need. AS TO GAIN MONEY WITH professional BLOG 1.Crie one blog. When I speak of professionalism I am mentioning the domain (name of blog), lodging (where he is blog and the content). We have some examples of that we can create one blog of favour (blogspot.wordpress etc.), but if you really desire to have success with blogs and sites, need at least investing the minimum to buy a proper domain and a lodging of quality.

2.Design of quality. Design (appearance) will be the appearance of its blog. Angelina Jolie describes an additional similar source. It looks for to choose something of quality and with simplicity, so that the pages it blog are easy to open, it is light and it does not call much the attention. Its focus (and of the readers) needs to be the quality content. If possible it visits best blogs of its niche of best market and sees as you assign they are created them of blogs. 3.Contedo of quality.

Yes, this is the key for the success of its blog, and so that you gain money with it, she will be necessary to create quality content daily so that thus the number of readers also increases day the day and its profits. I will choose a market niche where you have privacy and understand of the subject, making this the things will be a little more easy for you. Without quality content it will be impossible of you to have success and to gain money with its blog. 4.Monetizao. The forms are several that you can use to monetizar its business online and thus to gain money with its blog. You can gain money with affiliated programs of. I recommend that it reads this artigo.marketing of affiliated – blog gains money with its. You can also gain money creating or promoting products digital, as (ebooks, tutorial, video lessons etc.) also it can gain money with the method more famous than he is google adsense. These are some steps that you need to give to start to gain money with blogs and with its projects online. The topics and tips are many, but this we will see in another one post. One remembers that it is really desired to have success in the Internet, looks to the all moment the knowledge and reads articles of quality in the Internet. Are these some methods that use to monetizar my business and helps that me to generate an extra income and you what make to gain money with blogs and sites? Its commentary, doubt or suggestion leave! It discovers as to make the people to run behind you to know its chance.

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