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Historical Development

We look at the historical development of Shiatsu, the lamnge way of Shiatsu in the Western world must be on a long trip up to about 500-600 years before Christ on the way. A comprehensive exercise system developed at that time in China for self-treatment by massage, pressure point applications, and physical education. It was especially good health. This system, which was Tao Yin (Japanese Tai), steeped in traditional medicine (TCM), which relates to the doctrine of the Meridian and the nature-related concept of the five elements with the basics. In the 10th century A.d., the notoriety of the TCM spilled over even after Japan. A new system, which has a close connection with the today’s Shiatsu emerged in conjunction with the prevailing there vibrating massage Amma and the Tao Yin. Amma was a vibration massage with hand plates and was allowed to be carried about 300 years ago by physicians. However, there were also several Amma therapists, whose working based on a traditional attitude.

Because Amma was legally clearly regulated at this time. invented the term Shiatsu to circumvent these rules, and to further ensure their health practice the traditional Amma therapists. Mid-fifties Shiatsu was then recognized as a legitimate method of the Japanese Government. The current definition of the Japanese Welfare Ministry is: Shiatsu is a form of manual treatment of thumb, finger and Palm, but no mechanical or otherwise far-instruments be used to exert pressure on the skin. Aim of treatment is to correct internal malfunction, to promote health and to get certain diseases to treat.” Tokujiro Namikoshi founded the Japan Shiatsu Institute in 1925 in Hokkaido has one of the largest credit for the recognition of Shiatsu in Japan.

He joined Shiatsu with Western medicine and focused body strongly on the muscular structures. Shitsuto Masunaga integrated medical and philosophical principles of Eastern medicine at the Iokai Shiatsu Center in Tokyo again in his work. Since then new and differentiated variations have been created between these two styles. In the West Shiatsu became known only in the 1970s, where the Shiatsu work mainly by Namikoshi – or Masunaga is influenced styles and hybrid forms. Madhumallika Shiatsu is based on the system of five elements. The special focus in the training Madhumallika Shiatsu in particular also in the overall health of the client. Madhumallika Shiatsu is complemented by the do in physical exercises, which can be used with the client health prevention in this.

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