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Holiday Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the cities that most interest awakens all who step on Spain. This is because this metropolis offers a wide range of possibilities so that you won’t have a one minute rest. So if you’re planning your holiday in this city, here you will find some tips that will be of great help. First you must find a good accommodation. If you don’t have a lot of money the city offers a good amount of barcelona hostels. Although if you are of those who have greater purchasing power, this city has a rich variety of barcelona hostels. Secondly, an excellent idea is to visit some architectural landmarks of the city. To meet this purpose, you should not pass by at least some work of the famous Gaudi such as the Prederea, the Casa Battlo, Guell Park or the Sagrada Familia.

The third position is dedicated to lovers of shopping. For them nothing better than an afternoon by Las Ramblas. A large craft fair can be found here. On the other hand, arriving at the end of Las Ramblas a shopping mall full of shops is located. But this is not all that this walk has to offer since he is also located La Boqueria, a typical market noucentista where you can buy the freshest products. The fourth position is intended for fans of the sport. This city is the home of the most important equipment of these times, the Barcelona.

If you want to is a very good recommendation give a tour of the Camp Nou, the stadium of FC Barcelona. The excursion could be even more interesting if you manage to get tickets for any game where you play the Catalan team. On the other hand, may be a good idea to walk through the facilities that were used during the Olympic Games which were held in the city during the Decade of the 90s. The fifth space is occupied by the nocturnal activity. It is that Barcelona is one of the cities most fun and vibrant throughout the European continent. If you are of those who like good food, an interesting suggestion is to enjoy “tapas” rich in Some bar. On the other hand, you can have a drink or might want to stretch the fun until dawn. For this nothing better that go to some disco where you can dance to the rhythm of the songs of fashion.

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