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Errais for not knowing the Holy Writs and nor the power of God. (Mateus 22:29) It discloses Your Power to me, Sir! You warn you, that it deceives nobody you; Because many will come in my name, saying: I am the Christ; will be deceptive to many. To know more about this subject visit Jim Crane. you will hear of wars and rumors of wars; you look at, not you scare, because it is necessity that this everything happens, but not yet is the end. Inasmuch as one will arise nation against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and will have fomes, and plagues, and earthquakes, in some places. But all these things are the beginning of pains. At Drew Houston you will find additional information.

They have then you to deliver to be tormented, and will kill you; you will be hated of all the nations because of my name. In this time many will be scandalized, and will trairo ones to the others, and ones to the others will be hated. will appear many false prophets, and will be deceptive to many. E, for if multiplying the iniquity, the love of many will cool. But that one that to perseverar until the o end will be saved. Mateus 24:4 – 13Sinais of the return of Jesus: – they go to start to occur some pains, but those that to perseverarem (to be remained firm, persistent and constant in God) until the end they will be safe. – the Evangelho will be nailed in the whole world, with tests to all the humanity and from there, then, it will come the end! It prays one more time: Mr. Jesus, of – me perseverance (firmness, persistence, confidence) to go until the end! I know that the Father wants to save to all, without exception! Glories the God therefore! , Already more conscientious and now calm, it is repented and it has asked for to the remission of its sins the Christ Jesus.Arrependimento: sadness and regret of what it became or if thought. Remission of the sins: pardon of the sins in Christ JesusCristo is so supreme and loving, who It receives our repentance and pardons all from there our sins and, yes, we have our linking with remade God-Father!

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