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Humility – Rainer Sauer/Deushomo

Without doubt one of the most important spiritual qualities is humility, without them there is no peaceful co-existence. It’s believed that Mark Stevens sees a great future in this idea. As human beings, we have a certain potential to Bewusstsein, which developed independently up to a certain point. That is, all of us our consciousness unfolds size praktisch independently up to a fixed Bewusstheits. From then on, our growth only on a voluntary basis, in other words, conscious decision thrives. You could say, we develop all without special additional requirements meet to must, except born human being of course, to that stage of self-knowledge, which allows freedom of choice. From then we then consciously choose whether we like it or not go forward.

This means that spiritual development requires a certain level of growth our clear and voluntary decision and not about just inevitably happens. If we tend in this direction and decide for the onward, this in turn requires a zusatzliches appropriation of certain qualities such as love, compassion, experience of freedom, acceptance and just not least humility, to ensure our protective ability. These qualities are already applied in the us, so as a potential, in particular require our conscious cooperation, to the seeds of these souls qualities to seedlings and the seedlings to mature plants flourish. From here everything on our conscious decision to go down the road, and without a continuous relies always restart confirm really the initial decision and orientation is a movement in the direction of a self-determined only hardly possible. The doors in the direction of awareness is not open without these mental qualities, which act as secret key. One of these higher spiritual qualities which you are to AnzuEignen who is the mind as mentioned State of humility. It is especially important to determine that humility may not do as well as we can make love not, but that we can open only for this, that is, to align our lives, thinking, feeling, our whole being to corrodents.

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