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On other occasions, partial seizures can occur with shaking of a limb or half of the face, without loss of consciousness. While we mentioned the most common types of crises, there are other less common manifestations should be evaluated by a specialist. In addition, a person may submit more than one type of crisis. The various warning signs that warn that a seizure is occurring include the following: * Periods of mental confusion. * Sudden infant behaviors. * Movements such as chewing food without eating, or close and open the eyes continuously.

* Weakness and feeling of deep fatigue. * Periods of "empty mind", in which the person is unable to answer questions or hold a conversation. * Seizures. * Fever. The most typical form, also known as a great evil is to movements of the four extremities type shock, lost consciousness and control of sphincters, lasting seconds or minutes, when it persists is called status epilepticus.

Other forms are known as frequent absences in children. Symptoms of a crisis can be very varied and we repeat, do not always alter the patient's alertness. Rating As in the seizures, also differs from generalized forms of epilepsy and focus, depending on whether they are accompanied by generalized seizures or focal. According to the International Committee of the International League Against Epilepsy seizures are classified as partial seizures simple partial seizures: These are difficulties which clinical manifestations (symptoms or signs of motor, sensory, autonomic or psychic) and electroencefalgraficos reflect a download of a system neurons located in a part of the cerebral hemisphere without alteration of consciousness.

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