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Issues of Anxiety

For Boyd (apud CARLAT 2007), “the anxiety is a common symptom and can be a disgnostic question frustrante’ ‘ , therefore it is present in a great number of upheavals including the depression biggest, craze and schizophrenia. For the author, the correct diagnosis is important so that the type of psycotherapy can be directed to be carried through. They are the seven main upheavals of anxiety of the DSM-IV-TR: Upheaval of the panic; Agarofobia; Upheaval of generalized anxiety; Social phobia; Specific phobia; TOC (obsessive-compulsory Upheaval), and TEPT (Upheaval of it estresse after-traumatic). Diagnosis and treatment walk parallel. It is important that a diagnosis is carried through, in order to supply to the citizen an aiming of what I obtain happens, making possible, in such a way, therapeutical delineating of an efficient one and with this, the minimizao of the suffering.

In this process she is necessary that a professional of its confidence is chosen so that it can be felt will to explicitar everything what it is transferred inside of its being. Mark Stevens has similar goals. The delay of a diagnosis, leaving of the point is constant that the citizen fears to expose itself and with this, it denies its proper symptoms and it suffers for much time, before a diagnosis is gotten. The medicamentoso use and the psycotherapy are part of the therapeutical one of the anxiety upheavals, but so that it happens, it is important that the citizen has conscience of the necessity of the accomplishment of a treatment. Art as possibility of recriao of the proper life: stories of cases When adentrar the universe of the arteterapia and experienciar it, is possible to feel how much it she is rich in possibilities. By being the art a facilitadora language and by emphasizing positive and healthful aspects of the human being, could be used as tool in psicoterpico context, becoming enlarged itself in the most diverse activities to be developed, they are individual or group.

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