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Luckesi (2002), in turn, affirms that evaluation is one of the aspects most problematic of the education process, because normally used only with the verification direction, it does not present effect in the dynamics of the pedagogical action lead by the professor. For Castanheira and Ceroni, the evaluation crosses the act of if planning and if executing; therefore, contributes all in the passage of the designed action. … The evaluation if not only makes gift in the identification of the politicosocial perspective, as well as in the election of the alternative ways and in the execution it project, in view of its construction. … Is a necessary tool to the human being of construction of the results that designed to produce …

It is part in its way (of the professor) to act, and therefore, it is necessary that she is used of the best possible form. … Defino the evaluation of the learning as a loving act, in the direction of that the evaluation, for itself, is acolhedor act, integrativo, inclusive. Many exist methods to evaluate itself, I opted here to speaking of one in specific, the questionnaire, even so recognize that other methods exist to evaluate themselves. In the questionnaire questions are formulated that in its majority are completely unnecessary and that they do not reach the considered objective. I will make the following questions here? The Professor has the domain of the content that if considered to teach? The Professor obtains to display the subject with clarity using itself of a good didactics? He obtains to mediate to the construction of knowledge between it and the pupil? The good Professor, needs to have the domain of the good communication, therefore she will be more competent how much good to know to communicate itself, either writing or speaking. How much to the communication Chacrinha said: ' ' Who is not communicated, if trumbica' '.

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