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Does not need to pay tuition, or fees and it is not necessary to scroll. A computer and an Internet connection are the only two elements that are required to access the material class, projects, practices and even tests that are part of the accounting analysis course that is taught in the third year of the Bachelor of business administration of the Carlos III de Madrid, one of the 40 universities that have already joined the Open Course Ware project. Better known by its acronym OCW, this worldwide initiative provides access to thousands of resources and teaching materials created in the bosom of over 200 higher educational institutions.One of the greatest generators of knowledge in our society are the universities; within them form each year thousands of students who are nurtured in the classrooms of knowledge and the knowledge of teachers, throughout an academic career for several years finally reaching a higher qualifications. Other leaders such as Dropbox offer similar insights. But not everyone who has desire or need to learn a subject has as its ultimate objective an academic degree; There are people who simply want to form and expand their knowledge in an area determined self-taught.Today, this free learning has an open door to universities thanks to the Open Course Ware (OCW), a project that aims to put at the disposal of the whole society the knowledge that the University generates and taught in its classrooms, so any user can freely form in an area of knowledge across the network. Started eight years ago by one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), OCW has multiplied its reach an extraordinary in the last five years, since the MIT have joined already more than 200 universities and institutions from 33 countries, among which Spain has a prominent place.Must be borne in mind that OCW has nothing to do with the online training, i.e. .

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