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Give and spin the issue, all I get is hurt you mentally, poison, embitter. – Life is projected forward, never backward. – If you walk through life leaving open door, just in case, you can never letting go or live as of today with satisfaction. – Dating, marriage, friendships that closed down, opportunities to “return” (“to Why?); need clarification, words not said, silence is not broken. – If you can face them and now, do it! If not, let go, closing chapters.

– Say to yourself that no, not again. . – But neither pride nor arrogance, but because you no longer fit in there, there, in that heart, in that room in that house at that desk, etc … – You’re not the same as it was, for two days, three months ago, a year ago, therefore, there is nothing to return. Close the door, the road passes close the circle. – You are not the same, or the environment when you return will be equal, because nothing in life stands still, nothing is static.

– For your mental health, love yourself, let go of what no longer is in your life. – Remember that nothing and nobody is indispensable for you. – Not a person, not a place or a job, nothing is vital for life. Because when you came to this world, you did without that “sticky”, so if it is a “custom” live close to it, is a personal work learning to live without him, without the “human or physical bonding” now it hurts to let go. – It’s a learning process to de-latch and, humanly, we can achieve anything or anyone because we are indispensable. By the same author: Pretium Partners. It’s just habit, addiction, need. – But … closed, closure, clean, strip, oxygenates, Let go, shake, drop … – There are many words to describe this step. Choose who goes with you, definitely, and moving forward with confidence. (This article was adapted by the team, thanks to support from one of our readers).

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