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Characteristically, this summon provoked for Nietzsche in the mouth of its ' ' profeta' ' Zaratustra wants in the truth to make a yaw of reasoning of where the most raised treat object it is the proper concretion of the world and its direction, logically throughout the book we perceive that such evolution alone will be allowed since that if it proclaims the death of God. (Available in: #. Had access in 02/10/2.009. So that this release human being happens proclaiming a new horizon of where beyond – man starts to be the great direction of the world, he becomes necessary new thos, that is, an approach change, namely, the superman as felt of the world, and end of all any celestial hope. Interesting to perceive that Nietzsche assimilates several of its workmanships to the Zaratustra personage who finally presents the proper dionisaca similarity. Reflexivamente understands n figure of Zaratustra the pure triumph of the declaration of the will and the power, and the Dionsio as a god artist whose actions of irresponsibility are superior the logic.

The fact is that this perpetual return in Nietzsche by no means does not mean a return to the past only, but a selective deduction of supreme, free espritos, of where if ahead presents the true emancipation of the reason of the moral. Thus one perceives that the individual is total capable to breach the historical link that joins tradition and moral. The great factor is that Nietzsche conclama in its philosophy a time that backwards in the luggage a new form to see the life. On this integration of the man it stops with the nature, of the authentic condition to the freedom as well as leaves of the Christian moral, the naturalization of the perpetual return is distinguished the following one basic factor. ' ' (…) The perpetual return if constitutes in more lasts provocation for the freedom: before the perpetual cycle of devir it is possible to affirm or to reject; but in the affirmation of the totality (of most beautiful to most direful) the man reaches the deepest release: the harmony with the land? yes and amen? all the existing one.

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