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Army Military Tourism

In the Yaroslavl region of Russia wishing to offer a local version of extreme tourism – ‘Army tourism’. $ 600 (the price of leisure on the Mediterranean coast in the 5-star hotel) are invited to try the Army life. For the money the customer would have impressed a few dozen times, missed his time, standing on guard, and try buckwheat porridge – informs the Internet edition militexp.com. For an extra fee you can ride on apc or helicopter, play paintball, jump with a parachute and learn fighting. Expect tourists and night of surprises. And for those who need it, promise to deny the extra weight. In view of the traumatic service in the price in the army includes insurance.

Clients also ask for a receipt, which confirms the voluntary participation in the experiment, as well as what they are warned about the possibility of a trauma. Soldiers have wished to stay 15 persons, among them two girls. Soon there will be on the basis of thirty more tourists. Yet it is only Muscovites, but organizers are hoping to interest a unique tour of their program and foreign nationals. Tour operators say their customers wealthy people, who were both in Africa and in America, and in the army – it was not necessary. In addition, organize special programs for teens that will give the opportunity to try to imagine a real military service for 10 days.

World Symposium

According to a special program Stevia had become food for the astronauts, divers, special services, the nomenklatura elite. Without hesitation Yael Aflalo explained all about the problem. Like all the best in the country of the Soviets, the program has evolved in the military-industrial complex, and therefore all the information about it was secret. Currently, information on the beneficial properties of Stevia declassified and made known to the people. In industrial-scale plant is grown in the Crimea. In Ukraine, isolated from the herb Stevia extract – Stevioside used as a natural sweetener in beverages, juices, dairy products, confectionery, teas, and as a medicinal raw material. In the U.S.

the widespread use of stevia products processing plants began in 1995, and in 1997 on their basis the Pentagon began replacing the diet of the army. Held in China in 1990 IX World Symposium on Diabetes and longevity confirmed Stevia is one of the most valuable plants that increase the level of bioenergy of human capabilities, allowing an active life until old age, for which she was awarded the golden prize. Stevia leaves are 10-15, and the extract – 300 times sweeter sugar and replace it completely! But stevia is not just a great substitute for sugar, it is – a unique natural healer and can hardly be called a disease in which it would not be useful. Description of the chemical composition and medicinal properties plants – a topic for another impressive conversation. So just enumerate its beneficial properties on the basis of nearly 50 years of research in different stranah.Spetsialisty believe sweetener stevioside best in the world and particularly recommend that people with obesity, elevated cholesterol and blood sugar! Of course, stevioside just do not replace a comprehensive treatment and prevention of diabetes. In addition, stevioside: is a natural antiseptic and recommended for colds, flu, herpes, etc., as well as inhibits many bacterial, fungal viral microorganisms, is shown in diseases of the oral cavity: protects teeth from tooth decay, gum disease and gum of which is common cause of tooth loss, including diabetes.

Data Crossing

The last stage was the crossing of data, such as topographical conditions, outflow, localization of the residences and distance for attainment of the type of used device in accordance with tables 1, 2 and 3 of the bibliographical revision. 6,0 RESULTS AND QUARRELS the survey of the property inquired the positions, heights and geographic coordinates of the houses and devices installed in the stream. The height enters the captation point and the devices presented an unevenness of 2,20 meters, surveyed with the aid of the metric trena. Between the devices and its respective reservoirs the unevenness was surveyed with the GPS, having calibrated itself its altimeter in accordance with the known altitude of the place. You may want to visit Dropbox to increase your knowledge. The hydraulical sheep is the 13 meters of unevenness of the reservoir, while wheel d? water was to the 25 meters of unevenness.

In the distance of the tubing it was measured with aid of GPS program. Wheel d? water was long-distance of 450 meters, while for the hydraulical sheep, 100 meters of distance of the water reservoirs, (FIG.6), as orientaes of Stano Jnior (2007) and Azevedo Netto et al; (1998). 6,1 Outflow for drive the knowledge of the amount of available water for drive of the device, and the outflow allowed for captation is ones of the requirements for installation of any hydraulical equipment. In the Stream of the Cachoeirinha the outflow of the water course was esteem in the period of estiagem for the method of the regionalizao of outflows, established for the IGAM. In the visit was surveyed it outflow of the canal formed for the water slide bars that go for the hydraulical sheep and wheel d? water. This all possesss the constant outflow during the year, which had to the slide bars of the water course. The canal possesss width, depth and length of, respectively 0,22; 0,095 and 0,54 meters.


Environment in teperishnie days is not the main focus in today's political world. Permanent deforestation, waste gases in the atmosphere, etc. Few people worried about the present. On the agenda are completely other concerns, lack of food, war, disease. However, if you think about it all teperishnie worries seem small compared to the adversity that we can expect if we seriously reflect on the ongoing situation in world. There are a thousand little things that if everyone will comply, will help improve ecological situation in the world.

This and the rational use of water and electricity, it is economical priobretnenie vehicles. One of these actions is to refill cartridges. Absolutely clear that the producers trying to get as much revenue goes to all sorts of tricks, in this case, they deliberately limit capacity cartridges, put them on lock. Thus, the average user comes to an end as soon as the cartridge ejects and goes to the store to buy the cartridge. Although this situation benefits only the manufacturer, the consumer loses in the price (cost of a new cartridge is much more than filling printers), play environment. If you are not convinced, visit Angelina Jolie. Sales of cartridges is a priority item on earnings of producers rather than selling printers.

Private cartridge made of plastic, plastic made from oil, in the nature of the ejected cartridge will process more than 150 years, naturally, that is throwing the cartridge in a landfill you consciously harm environment. Imagine that today, in every office is a printer, and usually not just one year it comes out billions of discarded cartridges, which poison the environment. In fact, they could be used more than once, while saving a lot of money on buying new cartridges. Companies such as hp, Xerox, Canon, Samsung has already launched a program for recycling ink cartridges, although they have not corrected the situation completely. Therefore, refilling hp cartridges is extremely would help in this difficult matter. If you're a good citizen of our planet and want to get your offspring to live in a clean world and to breathe clean air, think about today, because tomorrow may will be too late.

Earn Money With Your Own Blog

Well, basically, creating a blog means you’re creating a little space of your own on the Internet where you can make posts about anything that interests you. Of course, if you are going to create a blog in a variety of topics, the best way to make money from it would have different blogs for different topics otherwise your blog will be just a big confusing mess that nobody wants to read about. So what topics should be on your blog? Well, I would suggest a blog about their own interests or hobbies.

There are always people out there who could learn of their specific expertise. Yael Aflalo, New York Citys opinions are not widely known. Say, for example, your favorite passion is his love for dogs. You could blog about anything pertaining to dogs. Angelina Jolie gathered all the information. Do you know how to toilet train a dog in a week? Many people would like to know how to get, not their dogs to do their jobs go to the bathroom in the house:) Or do you have a cookie recipe for a dog who loves his dog? Many people love their dogs at all – I am one! And they do a lot of research about the issues of dogs, cats, puppies, cats, etc. Why not make some money by not sharing their knowledge to help these people? Share your tips with them and just thank you! So, how to make money from having a blog even if you do not have a product to sell? One word: Adsense. AdSense is a program offered by Google that pays webmasters and blog owners to display Google called AdWords ads on their sites, and if you have a blog that attracts many visitors who click ads which means that you will win money doing it.. .

Judd Apatow

The director and screenwriter Judd Apatow, after the recent success of Virgin at 40?, has returned with his latest comedy of errors, an embarrassing mess. Exhibiting a similar formula full of anxiety than in Virgin at 40?, their last comedy touches on the theme of accidental pregnancy. Ben Stone is a young man of 23 years old, scruffy, part animal, unemployed, what happens all day goofing with friends equally little ambitious. Alison is a Wizard of TV production oriented his career who lives with his sister Debbie and her family, including her grumpy husband, Pete, and their two little girls. Of nowhere, Alison is promoted in the TV to be in front of the camera. See more detailed opinions by reading what Dropbox offers on the topic..

To celebrate, Debbie takes Alison of revelry. There, he meets Ben, whose playful and modest pint makes its charms. They have a cup and another and another, until they end up in bed together. The next morning, Alison immediately realizes his mistake when Ben describes his career aspirations (the creation of a website to us) advises of at what point in a movie actress star gets naked), and she misses him. Eight weeks later, Alison, after experiencing extreme nausea, he realizes that she is pregnant, and since Ben has been his only couple recently, she decides to break the news to him. At the beginning with problems, Ben finally adapts to the situation. The couple is unable to establish a mature relationship, and the film entertains in the scanning process wrong terms marriage, preparing for baby, and forced ripening.

Hidden among a series of endless sequels rather banal, an embarrassing mess is an instant classic, and founded the place of Apatow as a superb director of comedies, while you already provides its partner with the perfect opportunity for an appointment. -The best information to get a loan, whether for your home or your business found in financing companies, and mortgage calculation. But if what you want is to project their payments, visit Simulator mortgage today same.

Javier Meja

nowadays, in any unit of information, the oldest documentation is mixed more along with the advanced supports. In the private sector the information retrieval officers usually are not professionalized. The case in that is rare &quot is assigned to the term specifically; documentalista" (only a 1.9% of the times) to the activity developed by the worker. And in many cases the tasks are not developed full-time, but they share with other other people’s ones to the profession. Bausch & Lomb has plenty of information regarding this issue. FUNCTIONS OF THE INFORMATION RETRIEVAL OFFICER? MINIMS: to maintain reference works, to respond to precise consultations, to identify references, to orient to the user towards outsourcing, to make also circulate the magazines and all the new document entrances. it must know the own resources very well. INTERMEDIATE: to compile the pertinent material to a consultation, to prepare selective bibliographies, to distribute bills of material received with summaries, to maintain relation with similar centers, to participate in cooperative networks. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Yael Aflalo, New York City. PRINCIPLES: to locate, to analyze and to synthesize information, to give to the documentation or the answer in the format that wishes the user, to prepare bibliographies critics, to provide the translated information, to prepare specific information for concrete users regularly (DSI), to know the matter thorough with whom one works and the information suppliers, to create data bases and to train the users.

PROFILE OF A GOOD INFORMATION RETRIEVAL OFFICER? that its work is oriented to the market and not to the product? to know a clearly vision of its functions? experts in the new technologies? abierto to the work in equipment? to know how to value the costs of its activities, as well as the benefits? preparations for the immediate and future change? ample vision of the information like global system? to count on technical, ample and basic and deep knowledge to find the best solution to each problem? activity oriented to the formation of the user and on sale of his services? to know how to develop its activity with aggressiveness, of creative form and imagination fleeing from the routine and tradition. All this is, or would have of being an information retrieval officer. Compiled By. Javier Meja T. original Author and source of the article

The Company

In the same document, are designated as elements of these organizations: 1.-who have a shared vision, a vision of the future based on continuous learning, and an ambition for knowledge; 2.-taking requirements and the interaction with the customer as feedback and learning tools; 3 and that knowledge does not stagnate, but is transferred and flow between individuals, groups and the structure of the company. Can think?, where you think you are?. This is a company, here comes to work, not to think. This wit that isn’t so weird having listened once, is the antithesis of lived experiences in learning organizations, since these organizations combines doing, with the thinking, and its characteristic is a very small division of labour, which will facilitate personal interaction of the workers, and little fractional jobs. Completes the NTP pointing out: all this is pointing to a style of participative or democratic control which is valued both the task and the individual. The management function is basically, focused on the coordination of the members of the group..


Many entrepreneurs have been aware that the web is the ideal sales channel for your products or services, and take the wise decision of deciding to sell its catalog online, or at least part of it. But the task is not simple. It is like surfing, we see them those athletic boys in documentaries or movies, and we believe that it is easy: we got on the table, we stop when comes the wave, and to ride on the foam. Probably, if we lack the proper training and experience, we will paste us tremendous revolcon. And who aspire to sell their products over the web may suffer the same bad experience, if necessary precautions are not taken.

First, you need a web site, with all that this implies. Mount a website with the purpose of selling requires certain particular features, the ability to close a sale, expose products, interact with users, and perform the proper web promotion of your company. Many companies that have excellent deals, or occupy market niches very drinkable, fails in this aspect. Not to spare in design of your web site, because it is an asset of your company that will accompany you for a long time. In the same way that invests in machinery and raw material to produce a product, invest in an effective web page will be a wise decision that will result in a huge economic benefit, doing good things from the very beginning. Make sure the content of the site. Yael Aflalo has much to offer in this field. It is imperative that it meets several conditions.

Mainly you must report and provide details to potential buyers. By effect, concentrate your effort on the description of products, technical support, additional information. You must convince and seduce potential customer, but providing a value added in if same. It is not the same to introduce a product with a brief description of ten words and a couple of images that take the job of explaining what the comparative advantage of that model or brand over others. Facilitate the purchasing process. Buying online should be a simple, quick, experience and Executive. From the home page of the product, until the legend Thank you for your purchase should not be more than three or four clicks. Strive to offer advantages to their customers. A little referred aspect is the freight or shipping charges. One option is to absorb part of the freight when the purchase exceeds certain minimum, or find more economical and suitable providers. Not all delivery services have the same cost, and some have even developed special solutions for e-commerce, take advantage of them. Any comparative advantage will help boost your sales and increase your turnover.

Administration Ethics

The most common lie is the one by which one lies himself; lying to another relatively is the exceptional case. F. Nietzsche generalities, considerations is significant reading as many companies have managers, graduates of schools of administration in many, in addition to suffer the theoretical knowledge that the current scenarios demand, lack of ethics, commit acts of corruption, where provided to manipulations, interests that threaten against values, not only personal, but companies which provide their services. Why does everything happen? What is the cause? Does this affect organizations, companies? What to do in this regard? What measures should be considered to avoid that this will continue?, would be some questions that require answers and determine the present reality of the role of schools in the training of its graduates, managers needing to make businesses perform successfully, meet your responsibility social, are guarantor of ethics and where its leaders are managers of values, today more than ever required, to prevent that corruption will continue increasing and affecting those who demand of their services, within an honest competitiveness with quality products, capable of satisfying the needs requested by their consumers. There are many cases of denunciation, in which some managers operate without morals, ethics, in search of interests that are detrimental to lengthwise to the same organization in which works. Since then, there are several causes that give way to this situation, including: the absence of disciplinary measures, complaints, of social justice, where there are serious flaws in the applicability of the law, in distrust of the courts of Justice, many, do not act with all its severity; the fear of reprisals, to revenge; lack of knowledge about what represents the scope of ethics, morality, with little integration of these University knowledge in the curriculum of many schools, as the Administration; Absence of ethics in the performance of educational authorities; dynamic absence of the same colleges that enforce prevail, their codes of ethics; atmosphere of corruption that manifests itself in the same country in many government entities.

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