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The promotional tent is a must for any successful event! Your team will play well in the rain and wind? Then you need a promotional tent, which constitutes the weather just like the athletes! The event tent is the perfect solution for your sports event. You use it as an info point, point for refreshments, lounge for the athletes or simply as a shelter for spectators, the possibilities are limitless. Both indoor as outdoor also the event tent adapts to your individual requirements. The event tent can be built up quickly, easily and without tools, and is also ideal for spontaneous events. Connect the tent to a compressor or a pump and look naturally builds up the tent. In just a few minutes, the event tent is fully inflated and ready. Also the dismantling of the tent goes quickly out of hand.

Let the air escape from the pillars of the framework, and roll up the material. So it can be easily stored in the handy carry bag. Thanks to the lightweight material, promotional tent can be carried comfortably by an individual. Despite the low weight the event tent is ideally suited for use in the open air. Heavy additional weights can be attached to the feet, so that wind and weather can have on anything the tent. The curved roof structure provides additional stability. Also in heavy rain, she lets the tent in the lurch, because the surface material is absolutely water resistant. In addition, the material is flame resistant, so that you are also in the case of a fire on the safe side.

The tent is not only functional, but also an individual advertising medium with striking design. The side walls can be ordered in different versions: choose from various designs with door, window, or a continuous wall. Also when choosing a color, the tent depends on your personal taste, the corporate identity of your company, or the colors of your sports club. In addition, the walls can use custom logos and motifs are printed. The event tent is available in different sizes. A special version is available also for the combination with the VW California! More info on the event tent can be found on the homepage of media power:… Laura Kastenholz

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