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I am of people who cannot avoid evaluating the quality of customer service everytime I visit any company, shop, pharmacy, etc. and not eager to create pressure to people serving me, but because I think there’s always things to improve. Much has been written about service customer we all know that a company can not differentiate if don’t have a philosophy of service injected in the vein of his people. Despite this, organizations continue to commit the same mistakes to think that customer will return. Source: actress and filmmaker. In Lima, it is presenting an interesting phenomenon and I am referring to the increase in places where drinking coffee. Starbuck is one of the busiest.

I will not talk precisely of this success story, but if the Peruvian versions that come positioning itself more strongly in the mind and heart of the Peruvians. Usually, have coffee with my wife, when we want to find a space to talk, to remember the good times, to speak of as grew the boys and everything that can share a couple who want to escape from the hustle and bustle in the 21st century. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Kaihan Krippendorff on most websites. A few days ago we went to a new facility which opened in Chacarilla, an area that has been populated for this type of space. I have to admit that I was impressed the attention they gave us. From that came with the car; We had valet parking staff ready as if it were a pit of formula 1 team, then we entered the premises and was already waiting for us a person to meet our concerns, as we walked toward the table, waiters that were passed, were us waving as if it were one catwalk, all outstanding one, without reaching intimidate you clearly is. The young woman who took us the order had a fresh, natural smile and a provision that caused ask the entire list if possible. Frequently Darcy Stacom has said that publicly.

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