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Pindar Production

Thus, in the end of the decade of eighty it is initiated construction of the first industries in Aailndia, specifically in the Pequi town, located the 15 km of Aailndia, to the edges of federal highway BR-222 and the railroad Carajs. The industries that if they had installed in Aailndia are all of the independent type, known as guseiras, those that supply the iron-gusa the steel industries iron-casting, answering for about 28,8% of the production of the country, having the C& the Siderurgical Valley of the Pindar, the first one to enter in operation in the region of Carajs, being initiated the production of its first blast furnace in January of 1988. After that had been installed Viena Siderrgica S.A, the Simasa? Siderurgical of Maranho S.A, Gusa Nordeste S.A and the Fergumar? Iron of the Ltda Maranho. The INFLUENCE OF the INDUSTRIAL SECTOR IN AAILNDIA Aailndia, until end of the decade of eighty, was a city as any another one of the maranhense Daily pay-Amaznia, having its economy centered in farming and the extration and the improvement of the wood. However, with the installation of the siderurgical polar region, in the end of the decade of eighty, the city was sobressaiu of excessively, starting to be a polarizer of all economy of the region, with installed capacity of production of 1,7 million tons/year, being with a slice of 10,4% of the national market in detriment to 12.5% destined to State, in agreement tells (Silvio Vieira 2010), ' ' the State of the Maranho has installed capacity of production of 2,1 million tons/year, what it represents 12.5% of the installed capacity Brazilian, that is of 16,8 million tons/ano' '. The city still counts on establishments of the most diverse branches of the commerce and rendering of services, and still it possesss one of the biggest bovine flocks of the state, contributing of significant form for the reinforcement of the economy local, that in recent years has had an expressive growth, becoming one of the main economies of the state, generating ingressions of prescription to the public coffers.

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