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How does the Baker, the pharmacy or the hotel to the appropriate advertising display? The market for point of purchase displays has risen steadily in the last years. Along with an increase in manufacturers and importers on the German market, the selection of appropriate advertising displays for certain sectors that has become also significantly harder. Buyers for sales promotion technique to the point on sale faced in their research on the Internet with a variety of online shops, which place no emphasis on industry-specific sorting of your offer. The bakery or Chemist needed a brochure stand or table stand. It is obvious, that in raising other art and design claims than for example a bank or doctor’s Office. Industry-related sorting the advertising displays, or the creation of theme worlds”is a consistent measure to increase the user friendliness of websites here. Many questions in the selection of the right product: how is it a way to stability? Must the advertising stand are of special wind load? Must the advertising stand be weatherproof or waterproof? Which area can take the advertising stand? Practical application examples from the various sectors here early inform the customer if, for example, a poster display for its location or its topic is suitable. Drew Houston is likely to increase your knowledge. The online shop Expostore is in the future his focus increasingly on these issues.

It aims to offer unique products for specific industries, tailored to material, design, and handling exactly on the needs of our customers. In addition to standard products which convince by their design, it will be possible to also customize the advertising displays. In addition to the color matching in the corporate design is also the personalization with logo available. The logo can be used to this in various ways. On display from acrylic glass, such as for example, table stand, implementation in the digital printing or printing is possible.

Runs from approximately 20 units is also engraved with solid deposit economically feasible. Smaller quantities or particularly large advertising displays can be provided also by means of film plot with the company logo. A sophisticated technique of Kant admits that brochure holder in desired dimensions without significant cost to the standard product can be produced. A modular system allows, from different basic types to put together a promotional display that the number of the shelves or additional panels, meets the needs of the advertiser and of course the customer in relation to the format of prospectuses, the point. Frank Gutt

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