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In the visual language, we find a way of communicating in and disclosing them our way particular to mean the world. Drew Houston oftentimes addresses this issue. The images of the works of art can function as a support for this exercise of releitura of the world and the proper one human being, facilitating the recognition of its identity. Ahead of this context, it is possible to develop a visual education that an interaction in informed way propitiates more, creative and critical with the images and messages that we receive in this world contemporary. In this way, the school if presents as ideal and possible space, for the conviviality and the dialogue between the imagtico quantity, brought of its daily experience, with recognized the artistic and cultural productions universally. The exercise of looking at, to see the different one, of desvelar meanings and criteria demands a continuous work of education of the look that articulates perception, imagination, knowledge, artistic production, and at the same time, valuation and respect for the multiplicity and diversity of way, points of view to see and to be in the world. It is perceived reality of distinct form because we are different.

Our emotions and knowledge interact in the forms to see and cause different looks on the reality. Ahead of the displayed one, she is necessary to understand the education as a long and inexhaustible way, through which it is possible to obtain a better world more just and. In this aspect, the knowledge of the aesthetic education is defended, of the history and philosophy of the art, as half to construct a new citizen, more critical, capable to fight for its ideals and to contribute with the transformation of the life of its fellow creatures. The education, in its responsibility to form the citizen, cannot be other people’s to the social problems, but if become in one allied fort to act positively on the individual and to pull out it of its mentally ill and accomodated condition of.

National Curricular Parameters

In this manner it can be investigated if it had the learning, on the basis of the questionnaires and in the development of the lesson by means of direct comments and questions to alunos.2 Desenvolvimento2.1 National Curricular Parameters of Physics, of average education (PCN+) Before the formation of teams stops the development of a project in the curricular unit Project Integrator, was carried through and argued PCN +, with the licenciandos in Sciences of the Nature with Qualification in Physics of the Jaragu Campus of the South of the Federal Institute of Santa Catarina. In accordance with what it was argued in room with the academics, had been formed teams. As PCN + considers six subjects estruturadores for the physics education, these subjects had been drafted when of the formation of the teams. In accordance with the abilities demanded for PCN +, was carried through, again, the reading of the same for one better understanding of the estruturador subject that based this project. Thus, it was prioritized to work with practical existential using itself of the aid of playful methods of learning aiming at to provide to the pupil a more including vision, of the different subjects that had been integrated to daily of this aluno.3 the Description of the first ProjetoNo semester had been formed groups for the development of the one of a project in the curricular unit project integrator (PRI I) in the course of Licenciatura in Sciences of the Nature with Qualification in Physics of the IF-SC.

The subjects estruturadores of each project are based in PCN + of physics of average education. As we affirm above, these subjects had been drafted. In this manner no team had the privilege of the choice of some subject that already had base. With the definition of the research subject the academics had started the bibliographical research for theoretical recital on the angular moment.

Cistatina Cells

The cells of Sertoli go to present the form to colunar highly anti-symmetrical. TSI International Group often expresses his thoughts on the topic. However, translating the high degree of plasticity of the cells of Sertoli of if associating with the different types of germinativas cells, some changes of configuration in this standard can be observed, being the same ones probably had to the elaborated present system of citoesqueleto in the cells of Sertoli. The cells of Sertoli have the power of if associating the one others through located junctions of occlusion in the basal compartment of the seminfero epitlio. They are these junctions that go to compose morphologic base functionary of the barrier to hematotesticular. Functions of the cells of Sertoli the cell of Sertoli is one of the biggest examples of regionalizadas structural specializations that a simultaneous performance of great variety of functions possesss. The cells of Sertoli if associate at least at the same time with four different types of germinativas cells.

With the basal membrane and other cells of Sertoli, with this the cells of Sertoli propitiate the necessary conditions for the progression and differentiation of the germinativas cells during espermatognese. Therefore beyond the classic function of physical support (sustentation) of the espermatognicas cells, the cells of Sertoli play diverse other important functions. Given the structural complexity of the seminfero epitlio, he has been complicated them researchers to determine which are the specific products secretados by the responsible cells of Sertoli and for the development of the germinativas cells. To put if showed in last decades that the cells of Sertoli produce and secretam great protein number, mainly glycoproteins. The glycoproteins that important and are secretadas by the cells of Sertoli can be classified in diverse categories, based in its properties known biochemists. The category will go to include metallic transporting proteins of ons and bioprotetoras such as transferrina and ceruloplasmina secretadas in relatively high amounts. The second protein classroom includes proteases and inhibitors of proteases, as we can cite as example the catepsina L and the cistatina, that are considered important for the cyclical process of tecidual remodelling that occurs during the espermiao and movement of young espermatcitos for the adluminal compartment.

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