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Artificial Sand Production

At present, the production of artificial sand has become the mainstream of social development, which not only solves the huge market requirements for sand and gravel aggregates, but also protects the natural environment effectively. Therefore, the production of artificial sand is very beneficial for many aspects. We all know that producing qualified artificial sand requires specialized equipment and reasonable process, and the quality of raw materials directamente determines the quality of finished product. That is to say, if the engineering construction has a high demand on the construction aggregate, the raw material for making also need to be focused on sand.The raw material requirements for making sand are as follows.1. Build the sand field need do the survey work for mining resources. It should avoid choosing the poor quality mine with thick covering soil layer, containing mud of interlayer, low intensity parent rock and the slice of layered rock.2. The parent rock used for making artificial sand should not have follow characteristics, the potential alkali reactivity and the compressive strength should not be less than 80Mpa.

It is better to use the limestone, dolomite, granite, quartzite, diabase, basalt and other rocks with clean, hard texture, not weak particles and not weathering phenomenon characteristics to produces the artificial sand. The .mud rock, shale and the slate is not suitable for making artificial sand.3. After the quarry being determined, it is better to manually or mechanically wipe out the surface overlying soil or weak weathered layer so that the rock layer can be exposed. In mining process, it should prevent the contamination of soil, weathered rock, roots, sod and other debris.Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional sand maker manufacturer with decades producing experience, advanced producing technology and considerable service. If you want to get more information about the production of artificial sand, please contact Hongxing Company. Hongxing experts will give you a satisfied answer.

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