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Roman Villa

For already some time I like to organize excursions in which one takes advantage the time to see some interesting place or to realise some entertained activity. These excursions have for my much value, and that is by several reasons that is to say: On the one hand it is a magnificent excuse to find us all the family and to spend a day together, from another form would arrive a little while in which the brothers nor we would see ourselves and the cousins would stop being spoken and they would even stop knowing itself. On the other hand it phenomenal step organizing it everything. Where we will go, that activity we will develop, where we will eat Step very pleasant moments looking for destinies by Internet, restaurants, choosing the date and everything what entails to prepare an exit of this type. Once we are there, I enjoy very many seeing the place where I have decided to go, you already know much that I like to travel. Also it enchants to remove a pile to me from photos to bring to house a good memory and power to me to make with those photos a photographic assembly, something that is relaxing to me excessively.

So coat divided much for this type of activities, so that I do practicamentei it of egoistic form. In this occasion, for this excursion I chose to transfer to see the ruins to us of a Roman town that not long ago adapted to be able to be visited in the municipal term of Arellano. It did not suppose any difficulty to me to choose this destiny. A long time ago it had the news of him and from the first moment I had intention to know it. We scored to go my Carlos brother along with his wife Pardon and its two children Sara and Daniel, my Elena sister with its Husband Jesus and his children Pablo and Maria. .

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