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Many parents want their child started to earn at least a little in order to pay their own mobile phone and have a little pocket money. Only here the good and safe operation of a big drawback. Read more from Dropbox to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Basically a dirty low-paid jobs for which no adult will undertake. However, it is possible to earn not bad on the Internet, which is today almost everyone. So, where can I find work for a student? Many work on the forums of webmasters. Offers a lot of rough work just for students, for which pay good money. What is offered – everything associated with the promotion and advancement of sites. For example, I was able to spring capitalize on that, put links to resources on the network ordered wherever he could.

Earned about 3,000 rubles a month. Not a bad job for a student is filling index, ie get paid for what you communicate. The more messages and initiated by you, the more income. I once worked on behalf of five people (showing a lively conversation) and has earned 1,500 rubles a week, making about 2,000 messages. What else can you do for money? Yes, a lot of things. For more information see this site: Fabrizio Freda.

Elementary, many site owners too lazy to register their sites to thousands of directories and resources, and they hire people to it, and even school children are taking, because they can be and less pay. Also for the promotion of almost any forum or blog employed people, allegedly first grateful visitors (who are paid little money). Find a job for a student is not difficult, especially if it has at least some idea of the Internet. This interesting information – a lot of Russian schoolchildren today have their own websites and blogs, and know how to make site visitors, while getting some more of their parents. Try yourself in this case could each student, the benefit of the network has a lot of information how to create your website or blog and start earning money. Take me for example – I have five now such a small site with them and I have about 2,000 rubles a month. There will be time, I'll do five more and increase your income twice. And now I can hardly work, and yet the money my sites generate constantly. That's it. In general, today find a job or occupation for students on the Internet, which brought a small income, it is very easy. On my own experience I can say that to earn 2-3 thousand rubles per month is very simple. If you want more, you already need to have more knowledge and work, respectively, and more. If you want to know more about the work on the Internet, may like another of my articles, some of the menu.


Economic crisis means tougher competition in the labor market secretaries: the series of candidates for the second year swell the laid-off employees, and employees of bankrupt companies simply. First look at job search sites can cause panic: Job is not too much, but it is possible to observe a tendency to underflow column "salary" – if a couple of years ago, or that figure stood at almost every job, but now norm has been to write "on the interview results." As a result, candidate for secretary forced to often lose a lot of time to communicate with a potential employer, then to hear the amount, it is not appropriate his needs and ambitions. But no time to fall into despair: the same Blank spaces can be used to their advantage, because if you look from the optimistic side, if there is no number – no restrictions, including, and upper limit. So, if you are a secretary with high skills, negotiating the salary you can try to sell themselves dearly. Scares a lot of competition? But at the same time, good people among the secretaries are not so much. According to the story familiar personnel manager of one of the fairly stable in spite of that, companies that recently they had a vacancy, as the company announced at the appropriate Internet resources. For the first couple of days to e-mail came about a hundred resumes, of which …

96% did not meet the stated requirements. Applicants or stubbornly ignore these requirements, sending out resumes, certainly not corresponding to the level of education, work experience or other criteria. Or simply enjoy the easily accessible function "for a job", thinking that somewhere it will work. Experienced secretary so do not go. He not only send your resume. He knows that in this time someone will not rely on the "send resume 'and just pick a contact telephone number, and thus will have a couple of steps above. Ever steps that separated from the applicant's current success of future employees who will be offered the job the secretary.

Association Tour

Recruitment company in the customer portfolio which occupied a good deal of orders from international companies operating in the Russian market, have noted reduction in the number of vacancies by 10-20%. Guide St. Petersburg office of Business FM radio station in term plans to reduce the number of employees in the north-west of representation by 50%. Plans to station managers influenced the overall situation in the market. 'As a result, we are always looking where to cut costs and in times of crisis we must all the more to minimize the cost. " True, in the Moscow office, according to some reports, the plans for St. Petersburg's colleagues do not know. Tour Operators Tour Operators of Russia also sounding the alarm.

On Press conference on the financial crisis, representatives of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) said that the hardest this cataclysm will manifest itself in the tourist business in January or February of next year, when just expect the largest number of bankruptcies among travel agencies. According to experts of tourist business, the first signs of a recession in the travel market appeared at the beginning of III-rd quarter. For the first time in 17 years history of the Russian tourist industry this year on the market there is no major tour operator, which on the basis of the summer season would be able to declare on their successes. In May, according to representatives of the association, yet there was an increase of sales, and in June there has been a decline.

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