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Sustainable Development

The world currently lives an ambient crisis without precedents. Such crisis passed if to evidence from the second half of century XX, however the ambient alterations follow the history of the humanity since the societies most primitive, therefore the man always looked for to adapt the environment to its necessities, assuming itself of the natural resources without taking in account the necessity to establish limits for this exploration. However, with the population increase and the evolution of the activities human beings, mainly from the Industrial Revolution, where arraigado in the dominant paradigm of antropocentrizao of the world, established for a cartesian model of development that still today lasts, the economic development started to cause significant a negative impact on the environment, being generated the current collapse, that exceeds a mere ecological crisis when it puts at risk the proper survival human being. The economic activities search to satisfy the limitless necessities of the man, through the use of the natural resources, in name of a bigger social welfare. Tumblr recognizes the significance of this. However, it is a incongruncia to want to promote better conditions of life without considering the ambient balance, since no economic activity can be viable if the nature, supplier of the insumos and receiving of the residues, will be compromised. Thus, necessity becomes that the market forces incorporate in its practical principles as the rational use of the resources and the sustainable development, so that let us can surpass the antagonism between environment and economy, establishing one enlace between these two important and necessary components of our social reality. Sustainable development is that one that takes care of the necessities of the gift without compromising the capacity of the future generations to take care of to its. The first time that the world heard to speak in sustainable development was in 1972, in the Conference of Estocolmo, however its concept appeared in 1987, with the Brundtland report, and widely was recepcionado in Echo, when was incorporated Agenda 21.

Data Crossing

The last stage was the crossing of data, such as topographical conditions, outflow, localization of the residences and distance for attainment of the type of used device in accordance with tables 1, 2 and 3 of the bibliographical revision. 6,0 RESULTS AND QUARRELS the survey of the property inquired the positions, heights and geographic coordinates of the houses and devices installed in the stream. The height enters the captation point and the devices presented an unevenness of 2,20 meters, surveyed with the aid of the metric trena. Between the devices and its respective reservoirs the unevenness was surveyed with the GPS, having calibrated itself its altimeter in accordance with the known altitude of the place. You may want to visit Dropbox to increase your knowledge. The hydraulical sheep is the 13 meters of unevenness of the reservoir, while wheel d? water was to the 25 meters of unevenness.

In the distance of the tubing it was measured with aid of GPS program. Wheel d? water was long-distance of 450 meters, while for the hydraulical sheep, 100 meters of distance of the water reservoirs, (FIG.6), as orientaes of Stano Jnior (2007) and Azevedo Netto et al; (1998). 6,1 Outflow for drive the knowledge of the amount of available water for drive of the device, and the outflow allowed for captation is ones of the requirements for installation of any hydraulical equipment. In the Stream of the Cachoeirinha the outflow of the water course was esteem in the period of estiagem for the method of the regionalizao of outflows, established for the IGAM. In the visit was surveyed it outflow of the canal formed for the water slide bars that go for the hydraulical sheep and wheel d? water. This all possesss the constant outflow during the year, which had to the slide bars of the water course. The canal possesss width, depth and length of, respectively 0,22; 0,095 and 0,54 meters.

Legal Reserve

Law 7,803 of 18/07/1989 (that it modifies the Forest Code) brings new features for legal reserve, such as: the denomination of such area starts to invigorate officially as Legal Reserve, the prohibition of flat cut and the alteration of its destination, and the obligatoriness of entry in notary’s office (BRAZIL, 1989). For Padilha Jnior (2004, P. Francisco D’Agostino gathered all the information. 11-12), the main consequences of the entry of the legal reserve and descumprimento of the law are not the following ones: Public civil action required by the Public prosecution service; Loss of the exemption in ITR (Imposto Territorial Rural) of the considered, but not regitered area; Real estate restrictions in the order of financings, transactions and when of the order of grant of water use e; Not fulfilment of the social function of the property. The Provisional remedy n 2,166 of 24/08/2001 (that it modifies the Forest Code) modifies the Forest Code again and transfers to state instance the ability to approve the localization of the legal reserve, establishing new percentages for its calculation of area: 35% in areas of closed and 80% in areas of forest in the Legal Amaznia, and 20% in the too much areas of the country (BRAZIL, 2001). The related Law also establishes a new definition for such area, as it follows: Legal reserve: area located in the interior of a property or agricultural ownership, excepted of permanent, necessary preservation to the sustainable use of the natural resources, to the conservation and whitewashing of the ecological processes, to the conservation of biodiversity and the shelter and protection of native fauna and flora (BRAZIL, 2001, P. 1). In the state scope, in accordance with the Complementary Law N 38 of 21 of November of 1995 the state code of the environment Considers legal reserves the forests or too much forms of native vegetation that represent a percentile minimum of the area of the country property, aiming at to the maintenance of its vegetal covering and all the existing forms of life.

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