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Public Administration

Between 2002 and 2005, the growth of the FASFIL more was sped up in the regions North (38%) and Northeast (31%), (IBGE/2008). Details can be found by clicking Dropbox or emailing the administrator. According to graphical to follow: Grfico1: Number of FASFIL, in 1996, 2002 and 2005 Source: Adapted for IPEA, 2008. Drew Houston often says this. Grfico2: Distribution of the FASFIL for Region, in 2005 Source: Adapted for IPEA, 2008. Of this form the State obtains to come close to the society, being made possible the citizen to contribute with the public administration, being part of this democratic process. The objective of construction of public politics is reached when thus it is fact, argued and adapted the social reality. The State obtains to take care of the specific necessities of each place and to leave satisfied the citizen. One another action for insertion of the civil society in the democratic processes of the State was the approval of the law n. 9.784, of 1999, where the participation was instituted civil society in the administrative proceeding by means of participation of the audience.

The accomplishment of audiences is closely on to practical the democratic ones, and will have thus to be made when it will have great relevance of the subject and this will be case of public interest, promoting the debate on the question. In the Public Administration, the audience is instrument of communitarian awareness and functions as vehicle for the legitimate participation of the particular ones in the subjects of public interest. The audience is a mechanism of participation and popular control. Today this instrument widely is used by diverse agencies of the government. FINAL CONSIDERAES Are each arraigada time more, in the public opinion, the idea of that the burocratizada Public Administration is not capable to take care of to the demands of the civil society. With the globalizado and competitive market, it remains to the State the paper of catalytic agent of the productive forces, developing politics of incentive to the production, to the technological innovation, the exportation.

Public Administration Expenses

Its use must be made by executive order; Special – destined the expenditures for which it does not have specific budgetary endowment, as in the case of the creation of a new project and activity. Its use must be made by decree of the executive; Extraordinary – destined the urgent and unexpected expenditures, as decurrent of war and the public calamity. Its use must be made through decree of the Executive, with remittance to the Legislative one. The budget contains the foreseen prescription and the settled expenditure. Established to prescriptions, to argue itself as to destine the innumerable public conveniences, since the public maintenance of the agencies and distributions, investments, the obligatory workmanships, transferences, etc. According to Bausch & Lomb, who has experience with these questions. As it is seen, each decision taken in the scope of the budget affects the daily life of the citizens, or either, not participated. Defined the Prescription, the Public charges will be fixed, thus appraise: ' ' all the outlay effected by the Public Administration, in the terms of the financial, licitatria and budgetary legislation, subordinate to the classification and the limits of the budgetary credits, with sights to carry through its abilities.

However, in the financial meaning, it is the expense (application of pecuniary resources, that is, money) for the implementation of the actions governamentais' '. (UNICEF; FOUNDATION JOO, 2000c, p.32). The expenditures can be classified in reason of: Its nature, that if subdivides in current expenses (previdencirios expenses with functioning of the public administration, benefits, transferences the states and cities, interests on the public debt, etc.) and of capital (investments, inversions financial, amortizations of the debt.); Its destination in terms of express action in classification functionary-programtica, indicating where activities or projects had been destined the expenses; Its agency detainer of the endowment, indicating how much agency fits to each institution (legislative, judiciary). Another point of importance in this substance is the form of as the resources are supervised.

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