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Some words are more descriptive than others and stress is one of first. What image has the word evokes stress for you? Putting itself of finishing nails and to stretch more than it can, and even so to be able to arrive at that apple, that hangs so on the so mature branch and near tempting. To try to make only fit that too much little more in the suitcase. To try to only put that a little more in one already more of complete daily routine of work. Trying to look for the three small children, at the same time to cook adorable dinner and for its husband and all! It could follow indefinitely, but all the previous one is daily examples of the tension that voluntarily we are put under, we do why it? The reasons that they induce to the majority of us, are desire, desire to make our life better, more surely, to obtain the stability and the happiness and, nevertheless in the attainment of these commendable objectives that often appears us to stress. We are very clearly going to be here, stress is bad, very bad and symptoms of stress in our lives are like a mechanism, an intermittent red light of the depths of our being. When somebody, or a little more emphasis in than in last instance, will be broken, or to be destroyed, unless the cause of which the creation of the tension becomes to organize, eliminated, exiled, or went from in a moment.

All this is simple way of, so you can be thinking, ” I cannot walk far from the estresante situation At the moment I am dentro”. Ok, a reasonable point of view, so we are going to see some of the common causes of stress. I have a very estresante work. Why you have a very estresante work? To gain the life is something that of a form or another all we must make to survive, but quite often has lost to being, loses our sense of the perspective and we allowed ourselves to be like the small mice within the placed wheel. We can see clearly that it matters is not how much effort that the mouse starts up, his not to go in any place. We are different, they are really readier than the mouse? The ambition can be very positive a human characteristic, reason why we can accommodate that ambition with facility.

Another example is a crane, a very useful machine. A considerable weight of A to B can be moved, but a conductor needs intelligent crane. If the crane tries to move a weight over its capacity of A to B will take place an error and, possibly, to destroy to itself and what it was trying to rise. The majority of us to look for pastimes or professions that we think that it will improve our lives, to improve the things, a very normal human attribute. The problem can be when we lose of view our objective and they are obsessed in any way that we have chosen. Perhaps each of us we must put under us the periodic tests of tension with the purpose of to simplify our lives, a mental chemical decontamination if you like. Terrence Aubrey. Confidential Matchmakers.

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