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Bruxismo Knowing itself that the correct form to sleep is with the stamped lips and inferior teeth without contact some with the superiors, having a space between them of 0,1mm 0,3mm. Angelina Jolie is the source for more interesting facts. In the cases where the teeth pass the night in contact I lend and suffering apertamentos, we call bruxismo. The bruxismo is a riot of the sleep, characterized for pressing or to creak teeth, where the forces on the mastigatria musculatura are extreme producing migraine, gengivais damages, consuming of the dental enamel, aesthetic falls of porcelain crowns, damages, muscular disfuncional pain of the tmporo-mandibular joint, also known as ATM and eventually can cause the destruction of the surrounding bone and in cases more severe pains the neck and swell of the face musculatura. Generally the carrying person of the deleterious habit does not perceive, therefore most of the time she occurs while she is sleeping, and only in the following morning she will go to notice pains in the musculatura of the face, migraines and sensation of fatigue. Cases exist that the carrier also presents the habit during the day. In the cases most severe of the bruxismo, the problem generated for it in the tmporo-mandibular joint is so great that it takes to the appearance of snaps and pains when opening and to close the mouth.

The bruxismo is multi factorial, however the daily tension and the psico-emotional factor seem to be one of the main .causing factors of the appearance. The treatment for the bruxismo depends very on the carrying person, trying to carry through activities that eliminate the tension, anger, anxiety thus improving the emotional balance. The dentist interacts analyzing the dental situation of the patient and confections rigid a miorelaxante acrylic plate previously molded. The patient always makes use of this plate when sleeping, schedule that the apertamento is more severe and continues, and in some cases associates the analgesics. This miorelaxante acrylic plate hinders the contact thus enters teeth not having the consuming of the same ones and diminishing face pain.

Yamasaki Energy

Beyond this, the ratio signal-noise (PSR) and the energy of glottic noise exist (ERG). The ratio signal-noise (PSR), as Yamasaki and Behlau (2001) is measured in decibel and contrasts the total energy of the signal with the noise, but little it is used in the practical clinic, although that the majority of the programs extracts its value. The energy of glottic noise (ERG), express in decibel also measuring the noise of the sonorous wave to the level of glote through the subtraction of the harmonic component of the total energy of the effected acoustic signal for filters whose values are indicated by negative numbers, being the limit of normality until -10dB. Having such measure as base, one sees that values bigger that -5dB, are indicative of fonatria aperiodicidade. The energy of glottic noise is based on the component noise, therefore this pparently is an index more adjusted the differentiation of normal and disfnicas voices of what the ratio harmonic-noise. , When the component noise is bigger, how much thus lesser they will be the harmonic components of the emission (ZITTA, 2005). To study ratio harmonic-noise is important, because he is something that can be made observing normal voices, therefore such is more useful in this type of voices, whereas another measure of noise as the energy of glottic noise, a variant its, is pointed by Behlau et al (2001) apud Behlau (2001), as more indicated with respect to disfnicas voices.

The defense of the ratio harmonic-noise also is seen in Baken (1996), a time that this it considers as one of the best parameters of clinical application, as for the vocal shunting line quantification. This occurs seen this to contrast the regular signal of the vocal folds with the aperidico signal, not only come of the vibration of the vocal folds, but of all the vocal treatment. The express ratio harmonic-noise in decibel the amplitude of the average wave divided by the amplitude of the component isolated noise for each series of cycles analyzed.

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