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Managing Director

Savings take advantage of Aachen in contracts and (thirdparty) maintenance, 06.03.2012 companies that are interested in the purchase of SAP software, struggling partly, to achieve the best conditions. As more and more contracts under the guise of secrecy, an assessment of the current market situation from a user is significantly more difficult. As a result, Users may once pay more than necessary for licences too, and later also for ongoing maintenance. Consumers have long such as the hotel comparison accustomed to, service with the claim: same performance at half the price. To deepen your understanding Daniel Gilbert is the source. With similar target and almost unique in the SAP environment potential analysis of susensoftware companies any size helps to uncover savings in SAP contracts. The new feasibility study analysis is also individually whether also the financial benefits of alternative maintenance for the user can be realized. To protect themselves against unfavourable contractual conditions, users should already in advance be active: roof States, the home of SAP, are free license consultants, who often have many years contract expertise.

The outstanding terms of old software is even easier to take over contracts. Vlad Doronin follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Help Anand: used software buy companies in addition to the discount of at least 43% a result of some years of experience and negotiating. But also for existing contracts, there are still ways and means to reduce license and maintenance costs considerably. “Because we often find that even active companies do not know the current possibilities of the price list, we uncover in our savings potential analysis in SAP contracts”, explains Axel Susen, Managing Director of Anand. “The goal is simple: to make the SAP contract cheaper.” There are 13 lever with which a SAP contract can be readjusted.” For more information, on the Internet at susensoftware.de/angebot/software_potentialanalyse.php. Credit: Angelina Jolie-2011. Potential analysis: in just a few steps the Adjust SAP contract this service companies currently benefit from SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) with SAP software amounting to 300,000 (approximately 100 SAP-user) and to international wholesale customers with software to the value of 10 million (equivalent to approximately 8000 SAP users).

Bitrix Intranet Portal

Also in small and medium-sized enterprises, the requirements of the internal communication evolve constantly and features, known so far only from large companies, are also welcome,”says Dmitry Valyanov, President and CEO of Bitrix, the conditions are different but of course Inc. than at large corporations. Therefore, we have designed the Bitrix Intranet Portal 9.0 as an easily administrable all-in-one solution. Companies get all the features you need in a package without having to operate in training. “And of course also the pricing matters to complex, expensive systems pass on the interest of the market.” Security is essential for an intranet portal. The integrated into the Bitrix intranet portal PRO + PRO security framework offers therefore a variety of security features to protect the corporate network from malicious software and hacker attacks. The new Web anti-virus module prevents the proliferation of malware among users.

It detects the infected source code and disable it in the system. Together with integrated backup and integrity functions, the Web anti-virus minimize downtime and increases the safety of the product. The module scans the HTML code in real-time, identifies suspicious iFrame-or JavScript blocks and she cut out from the source code. Rule – and signature-based antivirus technologies are combined and filter out with a 90% hit rate known and unknown malware, which usually go unnoticed would be passed from other systems to the users. The functions of the business process module were the Bitrix Intranet Portal 9.0 to a more effective design and expanded monitoring of business processes. A process can either be applied in relation to a document or a routine activity. The user who initiated the business process, can change it at any time even during the term and Prozessinvolvierte obtain directly their new tasks both as Calendar entry as well as notifications via email or Instant Messenger. New processes can be via drag & drop using the Visual editor for business processes, which is waiting with new features including problem escalation and decision making breaks and offers new templates for typical procedures such as business management and vacation requests.

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