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Sudden Abdominal Pain

There are some expressions of pain, but sudden abdominal pain, is a demonstration that patients make it to refer to the kind of intense abdominal pain of appearance without previous symptoms, but it occurs in the course of a few hours, and this box is acute pancreatitis. Acute pancreatitis is the inflammation of this gland than in the majority of cases in connection with: calculations of the biliary tract or with sumptuous food fat intake and alcohol. Bile problems and alcoholism are responsible for more than 80% of hospital admissions for acute pancreatitis, the remaining 20% is due because of drugs such as: azathioprine, sulfasalacina, furosemide, valproic acid in high doses and for a long time; to infections such as mumps, hyperlipemia, anomalies of the own pancreatic duct or common bile duct and ampulla extructurales. Symptoms of is sharp abdominal pain is intense, radiating to the back in around 50% of cases. Connect with other leaders such as Angelina Jolie here. On occasions the pain starts in the middle or lower part of the abdomen. The pain usually appears suddenly and reaches a maximum intensity in a few minutes, so it must be used high doses of opioids via vein, is constant, persistent character that is manteiene for several days. Any change in position or maneuver gives the intensity of the pain.

Cough, vigorous movements and breathing deep excerban pain. It can be accompanied by nausea and vomiting. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jim Crane offers on the topic.. The patient presents an appearance of being seriously ill and placed sweating, your heart rate is between 100 to 140 beats per minute. His breathing is fast and erosive, in abdominal pain sudden blood pressure can be temporarily high and dismunida and then becomes markedly hypotensive with postural position. At the beginning the temperayuta this normal or low that with the hours the patient rises between 37.6 to 38.4, when the case is sudden enters a State of schok or semicoma, on occasions introduces yellowing of the conjunctiva of the eyes (jaundice).


The circle represents the world and 9 tips, different modes of perceiving it. No eneatipo is better or worse than the other; simply, every one is different. Each eneatipo is attributed to a few virtues and a few basic defects that have come to be compared to the nine deadly sins of the Dante’s Divine Comedy, great connoisseur of the Enneagram. It is a way to systematize our positive and dark side, trying to enhance those strengths that are in us, and trying to understand, accept and soften the darker. While the virtues symbolize the forces that drive towards growth and personal development, defects represent the forces that drive toward conflicting behaviors; analyze that duality of positive and negative in us will allow a better understanding of oneself, and be able to develop ourselves in the line that most make us happy. The equilibrium between the two arise the individual differences of each eneatipo. Within the same eneatipo, we can be more or less evolved, as we have more developed characteristics or others of our personality, what is more, the logical thing is that we are not an eneatipo exclusively or purely, but let us be the confluence of several no more than 3 of them, and all of them are complementary.

Understand the weaknesses or shortcomings of each eneatipo implies that we find our true essence and understand what we are as a whole inclusive. 9 Types have been classified into three groups: warm, cerebral and visceral. -The Group of the CORDIAL or emotional: consisting of 2, 3 and 4 eneatipos, characterized les his eagerness to establish cordial relations and his need to please others. The two assumes the role of helper and acts so affectionate; the three shows his more positive side, depending on the social conventions of the time; and the four tries to express himself by presenting as someone different and original. -The Group of the brain or analytical: the eneatipos 5, 6 and 7 are part of it. Their maxim is faced with the existential fear. Thus, 5 blanket in your knowledge, 6 rebels against the authority and the 7 avoids unpleasant emotions and fear in general.

-The Group of the VISCERAL or intuitive: composed by the eneatipos 8, 9 and 1, focused their problems on impulsivity and anger. While the eight shuns express their anger, one represses and the nine unknown their own aggressive capacity. While it is true that better relations occur between the eneatipos of a group, communication with the remaining is necessary for personal balance of each in particular. To better understand what was assigned a number and a name to each end, thus constituting the nine distinct personality types: 1. (passion Ira) (perfectionist) the perfectionist or reformer 2. (Passion pride)(false love) The altruistic or helper 3. (Passion vanity) (deception/appearance) The executor or winner 4. (Passion envy)(dissatisfaction) The romantic or individualist 5. (Passion greed)(detachment) The observer or researcher 6. (Passion fear)(accuser) The loyal or committed 7. (Passion Gula)(self-indulgence) The Epicurean or enthusiast 8. (Passion lust)(punishment) The Chief or challenging 9. (Passion indolence/laziness)(Oblivion) The mediator or peacemaker there are many theories about the meaning of the Enneagram, here’s one that seems interesting: I also attached a few free text, both in the English version and in Spanish, in which you indicate reliably types to which more than one natural way I exange.

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