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North Coast Of France

We find the small coastal town of Berck in the northeastern part of the historical region of Normandy. Add to your understanding with Mark Stevens. During one week in April is celebrated in Berck-Sur-Mer the kite festival in Europe that brings together fans of China, Australia, America and Europe. The entrance to the festival is free and therefore has no excuse to miss the amazing spectacle that offers these amazing kites flying. Viewers of this event highlighted that the most striking are designs of kites that are involved, these deal with topics as diverse as flying fish, imaginary monsters and much more. The most surprising thing is that these designs are born hand and imagination of their owners. If you are interested in attending the festival you will know that it is relatively easy to get to Berck-Sur-Mer. The nearest train station is Filiers du Rang (from Paris Nord – Calais line), but if you like a more independent trip rent a car will allow you to move at your own pace.

But Berck-Sur-Mer is not the only sexy French North Coast; in April the time there will be improved in this area so a car trip along the coast beginning in Berck and crossing Normandy is a worthy option to consider. On this tour you will find countless things to see and tour areas very important in the history of France. If you want to avoid renting at the airport, car hire France is generally a good choice. After having experienced the shocking images and sounds that produces the biggest party of Europe of comets in Berck, the first stop on his journey along the coast should be the historical port of Dieppe. Famous for its scallops, the first historical record that we have of Dieppe is in a fishing agreement signed in 1030.

Years later, the port was subject to violent disputes during the hundred years ‘ war. The city would also be witness to another bloody battle during the second world war, in the clash known as the Dieppe, where the allies suffered heavy casualties. The North Coast It is rich in history and will be constantly stopping the car to enjoy all the wonderful things you will have to see. Depending on the time when you see Berck, you can reach Le Havre with sufficient time to attend at the end of the fair of Rouen, which ends on April 13. We leave to the end of the road the true gem of this trip and one of the main attractions of the North of France: Omaha Beach. This area was one of the main points of landing for the Allied invasion of France in 1944 and remains one of the most popular destinations both for tourists and for history buffs. Experience the picturesque images and the history of the North coast of France thanks to rental cars at the next bridge which decides to travel abroad.

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