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Products online shop Biodermis eShop EPI-Derm silicone gel films are the answer to problems with hypertrophic scars and keloid scars. Tumblr: the source for more info. The former are bead-like growths on the area of the original wound. Others who may share this opinion include Estee Lauder CEO. The handling is very easy: either using a silicone gel sheeting suitable for the scar, as it is often offered in eShop. There are large-scale films there as well to choose as narrow and wide strips, and of course appropriate films for the treatment of scars after breast surgery or breast reconstruction. Cut should ready-made slides and the scar once do not fit together, can they easily lend a hand with a pair of scissors”and the EPI-Derm silicone gel sheeting on the desired size and shape. After scar as well as their own hands are washed, attach the self-adhesive foil on the scar. Ideally, the foil completely covering the SCAR and is also almost six millimeters in addition to undamaged skin. Who wants to can cover even the foil using plaster or association.

After twelve hours of must the film be then removed and cleaned. Also the scar must be cleaned with warm water and SOAP shortly. The EPI-Derm silicone gel sheeting is also with some SOAP and warm water, and cleaned then the dry set aside. It is advisable to have two same films for the scars so that further use is always a foil in the purified State. Always pay attention to the hygienic conditions and not unrefined to SCAR and foil is important. Who do not independently can take care of the correct application of EPI-Derm silicone gel films, may instead rely on Silicon SALVES.

Special Construction Helmets Are In Or The Color Of Not Only Makes The Construction Helmet Especially

Design and fashion are becoming increasingly important for the personal protective equipment. Lindau – is over the time of the standards relating to personal protective equipment. Whether the construction helmet or the safety shoe, it is now no longer limited to the protection, but also the design, corporate identity and fashion trend are important for a successful product. The basic colors rich no longer long out. Tumblr gathered all the information. Nowadays, the company held corporate design to the head, and because helmets with their primary colors quickly reach the limit. For this reason, construction helmets in all RAL – colours, although are custom-made but long not uncommon.

Also the printing of hard hat is now possible for small quantities, because the manufacturers of construction helmets have built up on the demands of the customers. The latest trend in American construction helmets is the all-over print of a construction helmet. Fabrizio Freda describes an additional similar source. Still, these industrial safety helmets, which are printed with site sections or similar photos to find but the first copies will test only in America are printed in Germany. When fully printed Offered construction helmets in Germany is only a matter of time. The shape of the helmet is also in motion, helmets as a cowboy hat to be or the classic fire helmet from America still longer not be found with us. This DIN does not allow standard EN 397, but helmets as the baseball diamond V which may be carried forward and backward and a style baseball cap has found more and more popularity among users. Safe and reliable personal protective equipment, which are also individually and personally tailored to demands of the Zeitgeist.

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