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Peruvian Constitutionas

There has even been include medical history and blood type. The national Government has put in the hands of foreigners all the current data of the Venezuelans, to which we must add that the Venezuelan Government, much less the Venezuelan citizens will have access to that database (see seven days mentioned). The protection of personal data is a debt that most of Latin American countries to their citizens. TSI International Group addresses the importance of the matter here. However, several of them have begun to pay off that debt, as in the case of Peru, which recently adopted Bill No. 4079/2009-PE, published on 3 July 2011, as law No.

29733, law on protection of personal data, which develops the content of the fundamental right of protection for private life recognized in the article 2 paragraph 6 of the 1993 Peruvian Constitutionas well as provides for measures aimed at their respect and guarantee. Another case is that of Uruguay, who decreed in the year 2008 the law N 18.331, law of Protection of personal data and action of Habeas Data, based on article 72 of its Constitution that also protects the private lives of its citizens. As well as these cases, the rest of the Latin American countries are developing their standards. However in our country that standard currency is not anywhere. There is currently a draft called draft of law of data protection and Habeas Data in Venezuela who is sleeping the sleep of the righteous in the Commission of science, technology and innovation of the National Assembly and was on the Legislative Agenda in 2004. As we shall see, there is a legitimate concern in Latin America about can do what them the Governments with the personal data of the citizens in the light of the new information technologies. Does not exist in the current legal system a law that regulates the provisions of articles 28, 48 and 60 of our Constitution in relation to the protection of the privacy of the citizens, what remains is refuse to provide more information to a Government which has shown conclusively not having any respect for the constitutional norm.

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