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How To Rent Flats

Dear landlord, you probably do not once lifted the receiver and heard the question along the lines of 'Hi (and sometimes not welcome), you still have not passed the apartment, …'. It all would be fine, but these calls are repeated iso day to day and you do not have them to salvation, because your phone was 'happy' to get into the database after you have made an application to one server, or (more likely) gave notice in a newspaper. This occurs due to the fact that all Large agencies are sharing information on apartments that were not put in overnight. Then your phone falls in the so-called news agency, one week late, and meek people, honestly paid for your phone, you deposited all over again. On top of this service, your phone is guaranteed for life stay in the database, and this number will be trouble and your grandchildren. Of course there are some exaggerated, but …. What you get and decided to rent an apartment and asking for help? 1) A guarantee that you will find a tenant meets your requirements, provided that the apartment is worth the money requested (if rent ve 250-300., then for 1-2 days).

2) Assistance in evaluating the real cost of renting your home (if you want). 3) Legally properly executed agreement (the can not boast of many agencies, allowing gross errors in drawing up the contract). 4) Guarantee that your phone is not in general will be flashing the basis of several agencies, and will not bother you every day, without your wishes. 5) Good tenants, as Wishing all furnished apartment through us at least have access to the Internet (which shows in most cases, the presence of higher education and good jobs). 6) There is a fee-for service: We take your apartment for sale (ie, to pass apartment) and you do your business. We take care of all the care of renting the apartments.

Valliere House

Throughout his adult life, my family and I have lived in the city. Moved from apartment to apartment, with the aim of improving living conditions. Starting with a one-room "Khrushchev," to 33 years, got a beautiful apartment in the center city. The total area of 150 square meters, two years left on its repair and improvement. And so, repairs, furniture apart, came a quiet life, live and be happy, but we're used to toli stormy activity, or may be just that united us, but we got bored, started falling out, petty resentments, misunderstandings in the family. We decided to look for a way out, until it became critical. Considered various options, one of whom sell their apartment and buy a house. At first, the purchase of a home considered hypothetical, and then used to thinking about the house began to make plans and lo and behold, even the initial stage, again returned to the world in our family.

Engaged in a squeak of a suitable option, it took me all winter to spring, armed, patience, began to examinations offered by the real estate market options. Looking for a long time because we wanted to buy house, almost unfinished, no interior. Finally, our efforts were crowned with success, have found the right, all suits version. Beautiful house, with a plot of land next to Vladivostok. For two years living in the house now do not understand how we could live so long in a stuffy, polluted city in the house, where, under you, over you, in general, on all sides by neighbors. Now, I already own experience, I can tell all advantages of living in their own home.

The first and for many, perhaps most important, the availability of land on which you can grow anything you wish – fruit and vegetable crops, flowers or just a lawn. On my site, but at home, are a garage, sauna, greenhouse and gazebo, Valliere for Sobko and a small number of beds, the remaining area planted with turf grass. Last year brought a dog, a huge good-natured dog, he got us a chance of it abandoned the former owners, because of the impossibility of detention in the apartment. My daughter's dream came true, she has got a cat. And finally – the cost of maintaining a home in winter are comparable to the cost of utilities apartments the same area as the house, and in summer they are reduced to two, as for heating in the house during the summer do not have to pay and where to keep the car, not a question of congress. Now live happy lives, and have time to work and the rest of the old quarrel had long forgotten. So, here it turns out that happiness is near, you just want to find him. original

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