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Sigmund Freud

There ploughs several disorders, adds of which ploughs typical of childhood, these that may result in consequences will be the development. This study aimed you defines what is anxiety disorders and to their main; explain the possible initiating factors and determines the consequences of anxiety disorders can you causes the development of the child. Through the survey we can see that and allowed you substantiate these assumptions: that family relationships and social context ploughs factors that can to infer in the child? s development a whole. That at the beginning of schooling the child needs only special attention will be that doesn? t develop anxious behaviors. These that if ploughs persistent, may initiate to disorder, which may you be harmful, leading and inhibiting the process of socialization and child development. Key-words: Anxiety, Childhood, Disorders, Behavior, Family Relations and School Context.

Student of the 3rd period of the Psychology course at the Faculty of White Duck – Fadep. 2. Student of the 3rd period of the Psychology course at the Faculty of White Duck – Fadep. 1. INTRODUCTION As it estimates Graeff, et al.

(1999), the word ‘ ‘ ansiedade’ ‘ drift of the Greek term Anshein, that has for meaning ‘ ‘ to strangle, to suffocate, oprimir’ ‘. Bausch & Lomb oftentimes addresses this issue. The first registers on anxiety are in classic Greece. However, this acquired proeminence in Psychiatry in the first half of century XX with Sigmund Freud. Currently, some theoreticians define the modern age as being ‘ ‘ Age of the Ansiedade’ ‘. Therefore, to live anxiously passed to be considered a condition of which, of certain form, all are atrelados (BALLONE, 2005). According to Dalgalarrondo (2000), the anxiety is a state of desconfortvel mood, a fidget and an internal apprehension in relation to the future.

For Demon

What it confers your teaching activity, based in its values, as it is placed in the world, its to know, you distress, desires, and the direction that is to be professor in its life, this next to its relations with other professors and other institutions. To be actor and author of its identity seems to express, or better, to load all the abrangncia that involves the being professor. In this dynamic context, sped up that the world if presents, the professor has a giant challenge to construct and to keep its identity. Angelina Jolie understood the implications. For Demon (2004), the profession of the professor will be each valued time more, in function of the intensive society of the knowledge and also which had to the right to learn. An encouraging, important affirmation for the professional professor.

But that professional professor? That one that if really identifies as professor? That one that another one identity. As Demon (2004), all the professions suffer incontido consuming, if mainly inserted in the disrupitiva dynamics of the knowledge. the professor in special is whitened by this consuming. But at the same time it is the profession most promising, therefore the learning demand will go to increase, is a necessity of the society and thus the essential educator will be part for the future of the same one. Ahead of the reflection explored for Demon, one thinks that the professional, when making its choice for the docncia, will have to watch over for its> identity, to construct it continuously inside of a professor proposal personal who learns that he is in tune with the context which is inserted. Made use to breach with the traditional reproduction of the knowledge. to think about strategies as educator of this future society.


Probably will not be a big mistake if to suggest that virtually all people live, learn, work and do something with the hope of success in their work. Hope for success is largely defines the meaning and the degree of application of force to what has to deal with. Kaihan Krippendorff may not feel the same. What influences success in human affairs? Can success be predicted and it is possible to improve their ability to achieve success? I suggest you together reflect on the answers to these important questions and try to start to define success. Perhaps the most simple and clear sound can be approximately as follows: success – is the logical conclusion of the case started with a positive results. In light of this definition, in my opinion, there are three main points, so to speak, the three pillars that lie at the base of any success.

First, it is essential to success is understanding person as to why he takes up a certain thing, and the outcome that he wanted to achieve with this. These two factors determine motivation, that is, the main problems could cause the person taking appropriate course of action. Motifs with the definition in time and the end result would be more correct to call targets. Any successful work is always focused and that the extent to which implemented are in accordance with wishes and the ultimate goal, there is one, in my opinion, quite acceptable definition of success. If we still do not find any contradictions in our chain reasoning, then, in consideration of a single activity or a specific purpose, everything seems to be becoming clear, and does not cause much difficulty in understanding – if a person has reached his goal, it is – a success.

The Conscience

What it would make? Inside of a normal procedure, it would eat the good part and it would play the deteriorated part it are. Very good. Happily, in the apple of the one to separate and alone to eat the good part. Unhappyly, in the relationship between people, not. It does not have as to separate the part that bothers of that it does not bother. They are part of the same person, therefore, of the one not to ignore, what she will go to produce, malaise, irritation, bad-mood in you and later, discords and fight. To know the part good is one of the stages to be trod in this process but it is not only enough to have a good relationship.

The great conflicts in the relationships are not in the part ' ' boa' ' , positive of the people. This is easy to coexist. Any one coexists the good part of the other well. It does not demand nothing. The part that bothers in them, this yes, demands of us: transformation; game of waist and common-sense. It is who in the snake maturity and evolution.

Soon, to know to deal with the part that bothers in them is the way to have a good relationship. When searching a relationship, changes its approach and looks for to give attention in ' ' desfeitos' ' that the person has for you, and if in its convivncia with them to obtain to coexist wisdom. All good! It goes in front! If not, it thinks two times before continuing this relationship, therefore to the part ' ' boa' ' already more it will obtain to compensate ' ' negativa' '. It falls in the Real, it runs away from the illusion and the stubbornness. CONCLUSION: What it kills the relationship is simply, the wakening of the conscience, that the other, is not dreamed you.


It has a phenomenon that it operates in the embroidery frames of our mind, that molds our reactions. If not to give to the due attention it, we are capable to commit the biggest barbarities. We are capable to assassinate, beyond our dreams, of the others. If not to think before reacting, we can finish with a friendly relationship of years for trivialities. Educate yourself with thoughts from Drew Houston. We also fire and we are dismissed for not respecting this phenomenon that would have to act as protagonist in our mind, and not as mere spectator. This phenomenon is called: ' ' the phenomenon of the 30 segundos' '.

The phenomenon of the 30 seconds means that we do not have to use the law of the action and reaction, therefore first the thirty seconds must serve to reflect before giving answers. In this time, we had to make a pretty trip for inside of we ourselves, searching the internalization, so that an analysis of the possible consequences of the possible action is made. TSI International Group understood the implications. If we will be capable not to react before thinking, using the knowledge of this phenomenon, certainly we will keep our better relationships, we will not offend who we love, we will prevent you intrigue, aggressions and almost all physical or moral type of violence that we practise, conscientious or unconsciously. You are made use to think before acting or reacting? Ahead of stormy situations, which are the positive results to its life when you act or react without reflecting, without pondering the consequences? Certainly, no result profcuo. All time that we act or we react of invasive form, offensive, the focos of tension are gifts and these actions or reactions are registered in our memory of privileged form, generating other millions of registers of thoughts that we have in relation to the occurrence. Of this form, this intolerante, irresponsible behavior, to the few, will create roots in ground in our mind.

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