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Thomas Trepnau

The settlement has a credit balance for the tenant tasty landlords not reduce it. The landlord accept such payment amount by his tenants, although he has not observed the deadline of the year, he is “unjustly enriched”. He must reimburse the amount if paid by his tenants in ignorance of the exclusion period. Also, the landlord is after the exclusion deadline is in default if he not submitted on time is billing his tenants. Therefore, the tenant can claim interest on credits from this period. The author gives many more important notes and tips for service charge settlement and landlord Advisor Thomas Trepnau in his book “count on from your tenant – operating costs, the second rent”. Also by Thomas Trepnau in the series of his landlord guides published: “The secret of the damp wall, rent reduction”, “More money with rent increases”, “Asset protection and building wealth with real estate” and “Valuation of houses and land” available in bookstores, at all well known online retailers and on the homepage of the author. V.i.S.d.P.

and your contact person: Thomas Trepnau PO box 101028 93010 Regensburg E-Mail: company description the author Thomas Trepnau offers individually customized corporate training courses, as well as basic seminars organizers such as the Chambers of Commerce and industry and the Germans estate – Academy for landlord, property managers, owners, brokers, real estate financier and other real estate companies at. Also books on the topics of the seminar appear regularly in the publishing of company. By combining books, trainings, courses and seminars, Thomas Trepnau offers its customers optimal solutions at reasonable prices and guarantees to high quality in terms of timeliness and practicality. The training courses and workshops are carried out throughout Europe.

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