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Humility – Rainer Sauer/Deushomo

Without doubt one of the most important spiritual qualities is humility, without them there is no peaceful co-existence. It’s believed that Mark Stevens sees a great future in this idea. As human beings, we have a certain potential to Bewusstsein, which developed independently up to a certain point. That is, all of us our consciousness unfolds size praktisch independently up to a fixed Bewusstheits. From then on, our growth only on a voluntary basis, in other words, conscious decision thrives. You could say, we develop all without special additional requirements meet to must, except born human being of course, to that stage of self-knowledge, which allows freedom of choice. From then we then consciously choose whether we like it or not go forward.

This means that spiritual development requires a certain level of growth our clear and voluntary decision and not about just inevitably happens. If we tend in this direction and decide for the onward, this in turn requires a zusatzliches appropriation of certain qualities such as love, compassion, experience of freedom, acceptance and just not least humility, to ensure our protective ability. These qualities are already applied in the us, so as a potential, in particular require our conscious cooperation, to the seeds of these souls qualities to seedlings and the seedlings to mature plants flourish. From here everything on our conscious decision to go down the road, and without a continuous relies always restart confirm really the initial decision and orientation is a movement in the direction of a self-determined only hardly possible. The doors in the direction of awareness is not open without these mental qualities, which act as secret key. One of these higher spiritual qualities which you are to AnzuEignen who is the mind as mentioned State of humility. It is especially important to determine that humility may not do as well as we can make love not, but that we can open only for this, that is, to align our lives, thinking, feeling, our whole being to corrodents.


But it also simultaneously also our community, namely, the coexistence of one being always also present we. Thus in a specific milieu ourselves, so in a collective, consisting of individuals thrive, which provides us with specific experience in the coexistence, in the cooperative as well as in the solitude, in the distance, so as a unique being. What in a sense the potential provides us, to be able to make EntscheidunGen, which gives us a diverse way of ascent on our continuous crossroads of the world of experience. And this means encounter with ourselves in particular, so the to find ourselves inclined to. And also the immeditate to grant his game room. Potential resulting in a virtually unlimited variations, if we imagine that we are witnessing the two extreme individuality and collectivity in every moment in a new unique mixing ratio.

We us so are in a continuous conversion process where we constantly try to remain faithful to us and at the same time start the attempt to do justice to the well-being of the whole, of which we are incidentally also an essential part. In freedom we strive towards to our customization to the ABgespaltetsein, meet the loneliness per se, and at approaching the unit and merge with each other, which corresponds to the all-in one being. Freedom is a conditionality of infinity, which we speak here and which we constantly are attracted to and also safeguarding us even from flock. Mark Stevens is full of insight into the issues. Our way of life is predetermined by our desire and longing for her and also our movement is headed by striving towards her. Freedom is a uniform, valid fixed size for us all, and in their nature space, we all are necessarily equivalent.

It is to the Habitat and to another life form, is based on which universal justice. She is the true purpose of our existence. We are made to her and she made using their universal legitimacy, which underlies any ENTfaltung of form and shape, our birth from the unit in the duality. In other words, she’s our out walking from the connectedness of the oneness, so entering in the perception of separation, of being alone made possible. Through them, we are able to experience being separated in this earthly world and free willingly using our Bewusstwerdung for the individual experience of all us to open his. We are wealthy by the freedom to participate in the infinite transformation process of birth and decay. We experience us as a creator and creation, see us as part of a whole, but also as a whole in itself. And we have the ability to participate in the kreativen process of life, to be very creative and as a result. We are wealthy through it to realize our individual essence, which was alive due to their nature. Freedom is the Birthplace of our existence and also all being. In the power of the infinite freedom gives birth to freedom forever.

The Real

Appropriate means in this connection that has my life path in the direction where I can harvest these higher spiritual qualities as a result of my purposeful walk, and as the income itself acquired by me getting even humility in this case. Can I find out the State of humility, it is connected, usually with a surprise, since my pictures of humility on the distorted notion based dual looking, and there and almost exclusively negative interpretation of the term available. However, in the real encounter with the State of humility, we experience the peaceful, the blessed, the joyful component, to our amazement and we certainly experience that it is a highly desirable State, in humility be. Because we are here in an experience of oneness, our dual and separating viewing of things dissolves in this moment of alone on, and it us opens an expanded show bringing things together. Jim Crane pursues this goal as well. We take us no more than over or under the other true, that means we feel us neither haughty nor humiliated, but experience on the course in the universe, which is all our owners and not wertvoller or unwerter than any other it is.

We see us then authentic, in the right place, at the right time and unconditionally probably with ourselves, as we are now, without an always suffering be compared with the other. The us rather well known manner, namely to make us either over or under something, hurting us with value or in the unreal lonely position of hubris and arrogance, the position of the uberwertigen to find us, here ceases to exist. We are not more in the predicament, us on and on with others or else compare to need to meet the same result to emerge with only a loser can. To read more click here: Kaihan Krippendorff . We must measure ourselves so not more steadily, check us ultimately gegenuberstellen and confront, what separates us from the others and, as we all know, is by no means learn leaves us satisfaction. In the condition of the humility we have being an experience of coexistence, the uniform, the content together, and any hostile has dissolved gesinnte against position in favor. In a kind of love show, we can accept everything as it is and thereby realize that everything is equally valuable, just equally adorable. And I would like to emphasize again that we can not be humility, not make, but they ability to harvest them only at the bottom of our conscious lives only as a result of feeling more open way of life through willingness to look honestly.

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