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The Morning

It did not say who did not want to go, was been silent. I have phobia for airplane. Not taste of airplanes. I do not want to fly, but I have to go. Before I slept I counted my wife who would have to catch an airplane soon cedinho, it wise person of the fear and to liven up to me it gave one to me I hug fort. I seat in a chair that is leaned sings in it of the wall. It was looking at the street back in low.

Already they pass of the three of the morning and I not yet have sleep. Connect with other leaders such as Dropbox here. I am distracted, lost in my thoughts, at this moment, I feel an one heat mozinha touching in mine. Eye of side and I see my son, one garotinha of one five years, still half sleepy hugs me strong to it. _ _ Father! It with a voice says meiga. _ Goes _ You to travel cedinho tomorrow? The children are funny they give attention in that we speak and suddenly they come in them with questions that leave in them surpresos. _ _ I will have a meeting in another state.

_ _ Digo it. With a cativante smile looks at it me and says: _ _ Sei that you she is with fear! She does not have. If she does not worry about nothing. Everything goes to run well, does not need to have fear of the airplane. Therefore, one woke up me to Sir, now, it said and me that I did not have fear that it would bring my father in return. I not wise person what to say. I was with the entalada voice and I hugged my son with force, we are hugged for a good time there. Since that day I understood that in the hours that more we need a comfort, Mr., always says in them for the mouth of an angel.

Landmarks Alexander

My father gave one murro in the table and me offended some times, but my mother was for the first time to my side. In the eve to wait it in the road already it had arranged a small house to live, I asked for an advancing in the work I rented a modest house with two cmodos and bathroom, I took my bedroom suite and some belongings my friends of the work had given of gift a stove to me and until they had made pan tea. You have reason you love it to I and always it I landed on water and the hope to see fulled it me of much joy again and to know of the surprise that the son it would be. I do not deny that I was from fear its reaction to the fact to have to it occulted the pregnancy, however know that loves it me and has hope that this love is greater that the rancor that will be able to feel. When I arrived the afternoon of day 10 I was waiting it with the sweated hands and the legs tremendous I wise person which would not be its reaction when seeing our son in my arms. It went down of the bus as he was pretty, caught its luggages not yet had seen me, cried out its name, was for my front without saying one alone word of its eyes drained the tears I also were crying.

We hug, we kiss and were for house and we counted everything to it what ours happened of this finishes encontroem Is Pauloat today heard without saying nothing and when saw our son was very moved it registered and it in the other day. My father for incredible that he seems placed Alexander to work with it demanding that our union is officialized with the marriage. I asked for Alexander to it alone to count to the parents of it for telephone when you received the letter. My father said that you can bind when to want that the linking will be passed or the message, but you can bind for this number that is of a neighbor to combine the details of the marriage I wants its aid. Now I am who I ask for pardon to it for the affliction that I made to it to pass with the promise and for the lie of the adoption, you is and better same friend will always be mine with in the distance shares the difficulties and now and hour to share the joys. With love of its Laura friend. PS: Alexander orders souvenirs and said to it you and the Landmarks to leave this shyness of side and to assume the one to the other feeling that all already know that it exists. Either happy! Phone: (xxxx) xxxx.xx.xx Residence of Mariquinha Owner.

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