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Special Tonometer

The reason is the hormonal and physiological reconstruction of the organism, which occurs during pregnancy, especially during the second and third trimesters. In particular, even a perfectly healthy women suffer from hypertension. This may lead to serious complications, not only for the mother, but also for the future baby – until the death of both. For information: High blood pressure in the second half of pregnancy is one of the manifestations of late toxicosis. Pressure can not decrease even after taking medication. The diagnosis of late toxicosis is set at rates higher than 140/90 mm Hg The main risks are: Lack of oxygen and blood supply Power plodNarushenie water-salt obmenSkrytye permeability of vessel walls Technological features unique tonometer bp 3BTO-A Microlife can portend pressure surges, as well as to distinguish them from the first signs of pre-eclampsia – the worst consequences of hypertension during pregnancy. This blood pressure monitor is recommended for use by leading Russian experts, including experts of the Russian Center of Obstetrics and Gynecology rams, as well known in Europe cardiology clinic Sv.Tomasa. Use tonometer bp 3BTO-A can and other family members – with a standard accuracy of the measurement will not change..

Medical Devices

Andrew Kramer nevoton companies produced stand-alone medical device Nevoton Elan for the magnetic influence – a unique device, which consists of a specially formed permanent magnetic space, having a low frequency pulse current and nekogerrentnogo monochromatic energy flux. This triad allows a fairly frequent intervals to obtain relief from pain in the lower back, stiffness in the movements, remove excruciating pain and swelling in joints, to restore healthy appearance of the skin, eliminate inflammation of colds. Stand-alone medical device Nevoton Elan for the magnetic effects shows the therapeutic effect for different nature of inflammation, has a marked analgesic effect, soothing effect and dilates blood vessels, affecting both the superficial lesions, and on being deep tissue, restores energy processes in the bodies, accelerating the recovery of the whole organism. In applying the apparatus of the final outcome of treatment are the most resilient and durable. Autonomous medical device Nevoton Elan for the magnetic effects can easily save you from debilitating lower back pain. Stand-alone medical device Nevoton Elan for the magnetic effect will eliminate the inflammation and irritation in diseases. This is a wonderful assistant in the revival of a healthy looking skin. Stand-alone medical device Nevoton Elan for the magnetic effects qualitatively exhausting help relieve pain in the joints and stiffness in the fingers.

Autonomous medical device Nevoton Elan for the magnetic effect is not allowed to apply to pregnant women, with cancer, during the complicated disorders of coronary circulation, with the existence of implanted pacemaker with a tendency to bleeding in systemic blood diseases; if you are hypersensitive, as well as inflammation of the walls of veins, accompanied by the formation of thrombus. Autonomous medical device Nevoton Elan for the magnetic effect is easy to use. It can only squeeze a problem area, turn and hold it for ten – fifteen minutes or move to a painful place. For ten – fifteen minutes will be painful and ten – fifteen procedures will remove inflammation and swelling. Load of the set individually. After graduating from medical activities Autonomous Medical device Nevoton Elan for the magnetic effect off using automation. With the help of an audio signal is determined by the disappearance of the contact device with the human body. Weight, not more than 80 grams.

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