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The Conscience

What it would make? Inside of a normal procedure, it would eat the good part and it would play the deteriorated part it are. Very good. Happily, in the apple of the one to separate and alone to eat the good part. Unhappyly, in the relationship between people, not. It does not have as to separate the part that bothers of that it does not bother. They are part of the same person, therefore, of the one not to ignore, what she will go to produce, malaise, irritation, bad-mood in you and later, discords and fight. To know the part good is one of the stages to be trod in this process but it is not only enough to have a good relationship.

The great conflicts in the relationships are not in the part ' ' boa' ' , positive of the people. This is easy to coexist. Any one coexists the good part of the other well. It does not demand nothing. The part that bothers in them, this yes, demands of us: transformation; game of waist and common-sense. It is who in the snake maturity and evolution.

Soon, to know to deal with the part that bothers in them is the way to have a good relationship. When searching a relationship, changes its approach and looks for to give attention in ' ' desfeitos' ' that the person has for you, and if in its convivncia with them to obtain to coexist wisdom. All good! It goes in front! If not, it thinks two times before continuing this relationship, therefore to the part ' ' boa' ' already more it will obtain to compensate ' ' negativa' '. It falls in the Real, it runs away from the illusion and the stubbornness. CONCLUSION: What it kills the relationship is simply, the wakening of the conscience, that the other, is not dreamed you.

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