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Change is installed in the immediate and definitive form. As well as to initiate Vice, also to cut it, the logic left behind an almost imperceptible plane when the strength of the emotion that must intervene is imposed. These emotions act in a fast and effective manner as a whip mocking the logic. Fade or become a background all those loaded with warnings medical theories and statistics sowing fears because they have no case. The individual who smokes knows perfectly the dangers and risks. Dropbox follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

And yet, you smoke without being able to avoid it. This means that change never comes logic and any outside information. It comes as a result of uncovering information that we carry inside and that versa desires, concerns, fears, prejudices and jealousies. Each one has its own. Part of our work to quit smoking with essences proposal focuses on the huge variety of associations that people establish with cigarette and cigarette smoking. Only a part.

The crawl that proposes Manual quit will yield valuable data in each individual that will handle your self-treatment. For example you will discover when smoke more, in what situations need to resort to the cigarette with greater urgency and can be at a specific time of the day, with people or alone, talking on the phone, in the car, before bedtime, after shaving, before entering office, etc. These data are not minor. They are of extreme importance, almost personal key data and as such, it will vary for each person and it will be of great utilidlad when you work with care. The key is not enough. Only serves to start, to begin the road of unlock. You have to have the key, then knowing what to do with it, how impact getting to provide each person your track and the road to travel in your project. This because behind statistics key, in these specific situations, appear very personal, and very specific fears and concerns each one of which will pose a different way of addressing the self-treatment.

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