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The State

This situation takes place by means of the process of the death, when the human soul separates of the physical body, and in agreement it perceives the new state or existential level, adapts these senses subtle to the new situation or astral plane, making possible therefore the interrelation between the physical world and the astral plane. Would take us to the conclusion that post is possible to know the existence mortem, that is to say, what it happens after the physical death, from the physical plane, through the use of the subtle or astral senses. Drew Houston brings even more insight to the discussion. It is as well as the carried out investigations by parapsiclogos and students of the subject, have taken to the conclusion that the astral life, names accepted commonly, is not in if a new form of existence, but on the contrary, would be the continuation of the physical life, with the reservation of which in this situation, the person is in constant contact with deads, depending the communication with the same, of the conscious level that it is controlled of this situation. This way, if we know to direct our astral conscience, even in state of possible serious watch the contact with deads, but evidently requires of a training and development del that not everybody can to respond the same. But what if, almost everybody makes, is act in major or smaller measurement, on the astral body when it is sleeping, and is as well as many people can be communicated with their deceaseds. Even so, all the people do not remember the communication with their deceaseds, and other times only remember to have dreamed about them, but the certain thing is that this communication takes place, although is not remembered. THE COMMUNICATION THROUGH THE DREAMS A fact that corroborates the communications with the deceaseds in dream state, constitutes the love and the feelings towards the loved people, whose affective bow does not disappear with the death, looking for the occasion of the state of the dream to follow in contact with the loved beings, although of it only there is astral conscience. .

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