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She has cancellations of important meetings. Schedules are changed, combinations made between used masters and that in any another circumstance would be unacceptable. She is the family joined as never for a magic link. Also the players, the twisted ones, the sponsors, the media form one alone heart, sedento of rewarding emotions. He can yourself be said that after the eliminatory ones, do not exist favourite. All the teamses have the same possibility. Nor always he is successful optimum, more the chemical preparation, richest. It is a circumstantial occasion, what he becomes the moment the Pantry of the World Formula I of the soccer.

He can also to evaluate good meaning that has for the people poor, who identified with the countries also less favored than dispute the Pantry, can then glimpse a possibility until then inexistent. Who also knows we will have possibilities that to obtain something, that before could seem unattachable. never saw our emblematic more significant symbol – the national flag as many times raised with pride and ufanismo. It will be that Brazilian we do not have the right to vibrate, to twist, but mainly to be happy, nor that it is of four in four years? Pantry is a moment of the world-wide Peace. this all in we long for, not only in the Pantry but that it can symbolically represent a reality has as much time desired for the good citizens.

Dreams also sound to happen. We go to twist that thus it is. Peace in the land for all the peoples. Not more pueris wars, disputes, disrespect and disrespect with the differences. Good Brazil luck. Our people deserves this joy. Our election of hexa-champions blows up heart in a thundering shout.

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